3 sunscreens we love—and score a $72 bronzer


If you owned one skin-care product what should it be?

You get an A+ if you answered “sunscreen.”

Sunscreen prevents skin cancer—plus all the cosmetic issues that everyone wants to fix. Brown splotches, lack of radiance, early wrinkling.

Too bad that so many sunscreens come with a side dish of potential toxic sludge. Your sun protection doesn’t need to smell like a chemistry lab or sting when you apply it. Let us help.

We’ve rounded up our favorite non-toxic sunscreens that we’re stocking up on now, so that summer’s sunniest days are not written on our skin.

And if you spend $140 on Saffron Rouge, you’ll receive an Inika Bronzer + Brush worth $72! (Enter code: sunkissed.)

1. Raw Elements SPF 30 ($15.99)
We heart this sunscreen stick: It’s easy to apply (one-handed!), which makes it ideal for outdoor workouts. No sunscreen coated hands that cause sliding on your yoga mat. It’s also super water and sweat resistant.
Bonus: You can toss it in your handbag with no risk of leaking. Buy it!

2. John Masters Organics Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 ($31.95)
This is the sunscreen for those who hate to wear sunscreen. It feels like an unscented moisturizer and absorbs quickly.  It’s perfect for face AND body. And it’s loaded with skin-care ingredients like organic green tea, a second layer of defense against sun exposure. Buy it!

3. Erbaviva Sunscreen SPF 30 ($22)
Got sensitive skin? This gentle sunscreen is tailor made for those prone to skin freak-outs when they use sun protection, and is gentle enough for babies. Chamomile and aloe help keep skin calm while you’re wearing it. And zinc is a skin-soother that also shields UVA and UVB rays. Buy it!

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