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Instagram memes can be pretty inspiring. But the latest trend in wellness inspo is actually happening off-line. Seriously accomplished wellness gurus in spirituality, food, and yoga have recently debuted decks of cards to help you absorb and act on their teachings. We’re talking Gabrielle Bernstein, Kris Carr, Elena Brower, and more.

They’re kind of like wellness flashcards, offering you a short cut to a calmer, more self-actualized state of mind. “Do you remember when you’d prep for a final exam with flashcards? Well, there’s a reason for that,” explains Caroline Chabert, founder of Deckopedia, a company that publishes decks of cards like The Raw Food Beginner’s Deck. “The message is straightforward and easy to read and digest,” she says.

Plus, with these five new healthy decks from super inspiring experts, there’s something sweet (and convenient) about being able to turn over a card on your nightstand or carry your trusty deck wherever you go. —Amy Marturana

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joyologist own your awesome

Joyologist Own Your Awesome Affirmation Deck by Tricia Huffman

Forget sticky notes on your bathroom mirror. Remind yourself how awesome you are by drawing a card from this deck of 52 affirmations, created by a professional joyologist (pretty much the best job title ever). Read one first thing in the morning to set a positive intention for the day, or pick one out when you’re feeling challenged or frustrated (AKA when you just you spilled coffee on your shirt, or you didn’t exactly rock that big presentation…). With cards reminding you to “choose gratitude” and love, it should make it a little easier to keep the optimism flowing.

$28, www.yourjoyologist.com



art of attention

Art of Attention Healing Deck by Elena Brower and Erica Jago

“​I use decks all the time, since a dear friend of mine gifted me with the Voyager Tarot,” shares yoga luminary Elena Brower. So making her own, based on her gorgeous book The Art of Attention, with Erica Jago, felt natural. “I wanted something modern, beautiful, relevant, and inspiring to add to my collection,” says Brower. Her Yoga Healing Cards are exactly that: each one features a positive word like “silence,” “devotion,” and “believe.” Plus, the gorgeous yoga poses and Jago’s photos might just inspire you to move while you’re expanding your mind. And if you think cards are for luddites, check out the huge #ArtofAttention following on Instagram, where you’ll see thousands of them photographed alongside crystals, mala beads, and other sacred objects.

$33, www.bookmasters.com



raw food beginner's deck

The Raw Food Beginner’s Deck by Emilie McBride

Looking to dip your toe into the raw food movement (but have no idea where to start)? French raw chef and health coach Emilie McBride’s got you covered, with a whole deck of cards designed to make cooking with raw food easy and accessible. “The deck is simple to use, and helps you make healthy food that tastes really good,” McBride tells us.

The first grouping of cards includes info on eating raw, and how to properly stock your kitchen, followed by 31 cards filled with recipes. “They’re great for those with no space for cookbooks, or families who can use the cards together and even play with them!”

$20, www.deckopedia.com



crazy sexy love notes

Crazy Sexy Love Notes by Kris Carr

When was the last time you wrote yourself a love note? Never? That’s what we thought. And Kris Carr wants you to start right now. After being diagnosed with a slow-growing, incurable cancer in 2003, Carr vowed she’d spend the rest of her life living every second—and that includes truly loving herself. (In the process, she’s also become an impressive wellness leader on a national scale and a New York Times bestselling author several times over.) The deck’s instructions like “Take your fears to tea” and “Nourish yourself” are paired with creative illustrations by artist Lori Portka reminding you to show yourself some healthy, gentle kindness every day.

$12, www.kriscarr.com



miracles now

Miracles Now by Gabrielle Bernstein

The modern girl’s self-help guru is setting spiritual trends once again with her Miracles Now deck. After publishing her book of the same name, Bernstein noticed readers were using it kind of like a deck of cards—flipping through, sometimes to a random page, for a bit of guidance throughout the day. So she took all that positive, inspirational mojo and morphed it into a deck with bite size pieces of Spirit Junkie wisdom that you can carry with you. And in true Bernstein spirit, there’s a bit of sass and fun woven throughout—like a card that reads, “I measure my success by how much fun I’m having.” Amen.

$13, www.amazon.com





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