8 tips to get along with difficult people

Unresolved conflict, particularly among families and close friends, can cause physical illness as well as depression and anxiety. Here's how to nip it in the bud.
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By Debbie Mandel for Intentblog.com


From an evolutionary standpoint human survival has always depended on our ability to get along with others. Staying together and cooperating while hunting, cultivating crops, protecting each other from physical danger or supporting one another emotionally and creating social contracts is a necessity. Because it is human nature to transgress against the people closest to us, reconciliation must follow. Note that according to positive movement researchers like Dr. Martin Seligman, unresolved conflict, particularly in families and close friends, can cause physical illness as well as depression and anxiety. Plain and simple: Your happiness and well-being depend on your ability to get along with other people. You will live longer and experience greater life quality.

Is there someone like a family member, friend or colleague with whom you can repair a bridge?

1. Learn to emote, rather than suppress anger, and get over anger quickly. In other words don’t spin your wheels, but drive full speed ahead. Laboratory experiments have shown that even subtle forms of anger weaken problem solving abilities and overall competence. Anger narrows and paralyzes your mental focus, tending to eclipse options. Get past the sticking point and remove that stinger!

2. Change the story. It’s human nature to create stories about everything – even in situations where we don’t really know the facts, or details or remember what really happened. We fill in the details blurring the lines between fact and fiction. However, note that subjective stories change according to your changing life situation. The more self-confident you are, the kinder your interpretation. And kindness, generosity of spirit, fortifies your self-worth, enabling you to create more positive stories. You will get into a positive loop.

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