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Story concept store in Chelsea
The Story concept store in Chelsea (All photos: Melisse Gelula for Well+Good)


Story, a West Chelsea concept store, regularly changes its installations just like the neighboring art galleries.

Every six-to-eight weeks, Story’s gorgeous glass-walled boutique gets redesigned around a new theme. The current one? Wellness. And the just-opened collection includes healthy-lifestyle products and merch from indie brands—some of which were new to us and others which were beloved faves.

Rachel Shechtman created the high-concept approach to retail about a year ago and she’s gotten accolades galore. Integrated into the eight-week life of the installation is a wide-ranging events roster.

Lotus Wei flower-petal elixirs, SW Basics beauty, and more.
Wellness beauty brands sold include Lotus Wei flower-petal elixirs, SW Basics beauty, and more.

For this installation, Shechtman tapped wellness industry movers-and-shakers to curate the healthy finds available for sale now through end of February.

Agent of Change founder Rachel P. Goldstein tapped T Salon (a company which used to be around the corner in Chelsea Market) for its new collection of wellness teas. We liked “Anti Cold,” “Before and After Yoga,” and “Happiness.” And Courtney Nichols, the co-creator of SmartyPants, is stocking her all-natural gummy vitamins.

We spotted new products like, a pillow said to improve REM and back sleeping. And flats from Pluggz, a footwear company that’s all about getting you in touch with grounding electrons to give you the benefits of walking barefoot in the grass.

The Story concept store
Story’s retail space feels like a gallery but works like a store.

You’ll also find more familiar players such as Be Yoga, Zobha, Manduka mats and totes, Jiva Apoha beauty serums, SW Basics (formerly Sprout Beauty), and Wei of Chocolate flower-infused chocolates that we adore.

We’re not sure about Story’s next installation, but may we suggest that Wellness become a permanent exhibit.

Story (Wellness collection runs through February), 144 Tenth Ave. at 19th Street, 212-242-4853,