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By Alexandra Spunt for

For those who don’t know—like me, until I googled—skin discoloration during pregnancy is quite common, and can appear as darker patches on your face, arms, and elsewhere. ‘Cause all those other bodily changes aren’t enough to deal with, right?

Some surfacey research lead me to believe that the best way to deal with the discoloration is through good clean behavior to begin with. Even mainstream sites warned that products may aggravate matters—and so can the sun.

So, some simple advice:

1. Use a good clean sunscreen, and definitely wear a hat.

Sun exposure seems to be a big culprit here. And because you’re pregnant and don’t want any crap in your body anyways—and because you know that many mainstream, chemical sunscreens don’t even protect against UVA rays—you should opt for a super clean zinc or titanium-based one. You can revisit some of our past posts that mention sunscreen here, and don’t forget that your best weapon against the sun is shade.

2. Use super-clean products, and less products in general.

It’s pretty much what we preach to all, but if you’re pregnant you have to be extra diligent. Just like the best way to avoid the sun is to avoid the sun, the best way to minimize irritation from products is to use less of them. Even naturals can contain irritating ingredients, so opt for the simplest oils, and gentlest cleansers you can find. We’re both pretty sensi to begin with, so most of our recommendations already fall in this category.

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