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Beauty Aisle: CV Labs Restorative Skin Balm

skin balm better than Vaseline CV labs
A skin salve that’s way better for you than Vaseline.

What: This multi-tasking, natural salve does all those things your tube or tub of Vaseline does (except expose you to toxins) and much more. It helps heal, protect, and soothe everything—from lips addicted to ChapStick and raw, chapped hands that split in winter, to seriously sensitive, inflamed skin.

Why: It has that stay-put salve consistency (thanks to natural oils and waxes) that petrolatum-lovers crave. And yes, it shuts out the elements. But it goes one step further: Fatty acids like rosehip seed oil and buckthorn help repair and nourish skin, and the company’s cutting-edge blend of turmeric, bisabolol (from chamomile), and reishi mushroom calms itchiness and irritation. Vaseline can’t do that.

Who: Britta Aragon is the founder of CV Labs, and the author of When Cancer Hits: Your Complete Guide to Taking Care of You Through Treatment. After surviving a bout with Hodgkins Lymphoma and losing her father to cancer, Aragon was moved to create a line of completely healthy skin-care for those undergoing radiation and who suffer from compromised or super-sensitive skin. She also spearheads the cancer-resource blog, Cinco Vidas. —Melisse Gelula

We also love: Rescue + Relief Spray, $34 (There’s nothing on the market like this instant-relief cooling and calming mist, let alone something this clean.)

What it costs: CV Labs Restorative Skin Balm, $26,