Beauty Aisle: RMS Beauty Oil

Rose-Marie Swift's debut skin-care product is a standout that will improve your post-summer or irritated skin—and leave it much dewier.

RMS Beauty Oil What: This is the first true skin-care product from RMS Beauty and it’s flying off the beauty counter shelves. The lightweight facial oil is loaded with an arsenal of anti-agers (call them “skin-nourishers,” if you prefer).

Why: Your moisturizer probably isn’t enough if you want healthier, more radiant skin. (Read about why we’re facial-oil obsessed, here.) The ingredient list is high quality and antioxidant-loaded—it includes only concentrated plant and fruit extracts like rosehip seed (vitamin C) and buriti fruit (vitamin A), and tamanu (a workhorse wound-healer that promotes healthy skin), plus an herbal infusion of Ayurvedic turmeric and skin-brightening licorice. Seriously, get one if you want calmer, dewier, and hydrated skin.

Who: Non-toxic New York makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, famed for her popular line of raw organic makeup in chic little pots, is behind this face oil. She lets unprocessed botanical ingredients shine, so they’re whole and more active and effective. —Melisse Gelula

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What it costs: RMS Beauty Oil , $74,

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