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Best of 2014: Good Advice

Easy tricks for becoming a more confident woman (Photo: We Heart It)

Easy tricks for becoming a more confident woman

It’s been a big wellness year. And in case you’ve missed some of the highlights (while running marathons or making bone broth?), we’re highlighting our most popular stories of 2014 in categories like Good Sweat and Good Looks, plus the most controversial stories, most interesting Refrigerator Look Books, and more.

All of these “best-of” articles raised our readers’ heart rates (in a good way), making them click, comment, and discuss the topics with friends at the (Paleo or vegan?) dinner table. Some even inspired lifestyle changes to readers’ diet and workout habits.

Check out our top Good Advice stories from 2014, here:

1. Spot-burning fat: The fitness myth that won’t go away
According to experts and research, spot-burning fat is impossible. Here’s what that means for your workouts.

2. 8 inspiring tricks for becoming a more confident woman
We’ve got life-changing tips straight from empowerment guru Alexis Jones’ new self-love page turner.

3. 7 common pitfalls of otherwise healthy people
Even if you love green juice and working out, there are common habits that can trip up even the healthiest kale-lover. Here’s how to spot them a mile away.

4. 5 cool runners share their (quirky) marathon day practices
You’ll never guess what gets these marathon masters revved up and ready to go on the big day.

5. The rise of New York’s clean club scene 
More party-goers are on the prowl for meaningful connection instead of hook-ups and kombucha instead of Ketel One. Often before work.

And here’s a look at the health advice articles that got the most buzz in 2015 on Well+Good…