Britta Aragon’s mission to get non-toxic skin care into hospitals

Britta Aragon
“We want to educate people in hospitals across the nation about how to reduce the toxic load in their personal-care products, especially when their skin barrier is compromised,” says Aragon.


Clean beauty champion Britta Aragon is working for an inspiring cause—to get non-toxic skin-care products into hospitals nationwide. Ideally her own.

Aragon created CV Skinlabs as a testament to her father, who suffered from fragile skin conditions during his battle with cancer. Her all-natural line is formulated for extremely dry skin and eczema, and soothes skin exposed to chemotherapy and radiation treatments, as well as sun exposure and cosmetic laser treatments.

It would be an improvement on the chemical-laden skin care currently offered in hospitals. “Typically hospitals use the petroleum-based products, like Aquaphor,” Aragon explains. “CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm is loved by doctors, because it’s 100 percent natural and protects and heals like petroleum-based ointments, but without all the chemicals.”

Making non-toxic skincare products available to those in hospitals across the country is just common sense for Aragon, but it’ll take a lot to turn the tide of tradition.

So, with six days left to go, she, with support of integrative physician Frank Lipman, MD, who encourages his patients to kick their chemical skin-care lines, is fundraising to create a sampling program (those trial-size products don’t grow on trees) and a marketing campaign to pitch cancer hospitals on the concept.

“Hospitals and doctors offices are the first point of contact for people suffering from skin conditions like eczema, chronic dryness, etc.,” says Aragon from her New York City HQ. “I’m surprised that there’s still not much emphasis or education on what are they should be applying on their skin—or what they should be avoiding—especially when their skin barrier is compromised.” —Rosa Levitan and Melisse Gelula

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