Weed in your vagina: your next PMS cure?

marijuana_vagina Today in “news that sounds crazy but might actually be kind of awesome”: Your new PMS remedy could be marijuana. Kind of. (You won’t be smoking it.)

Foria Relief, a new cannabis vaginal suppository, debuted this week with claims that it can help treat menstrual cramps.

The formulation is likely to make close label readers happy (or, as happy as they can be when they’re shopping for PMS relief). It has just three ingredients: organic cocoa butter, CBD isolate (AKA cannabis with the psychoactive bits taken out), and CO2-extracted cannabis oil—and it only uses cannabis grown in Northern California without the use of harmful pesticides.

So does it work? “We know that cannabis does help pain. We do see a lot of patients with dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea is painful menstrual periods. It’s a fantastic modality to help patients,” Morton Barke, MD, told Racked,

The suppositories are designed to ease pain and reduce the inflammation that leads to cramping—and they take about 15 to 30 minutes for the relief to kick in after insertion, according to Foria. But no, you probably won’t experience a high, since you’re “consuming” them vaginally, Dr. Barke says. (Results may vary, though, according to the directions, so plan your day accordingly.)

Foria Relief is currently available in Colorado and California, where medical marijuana is legal. If you’re not in a cannabis-friendly state (or if putting weed in a very private place isn’t quite up your alley), don’t fret: You can always try magnesium-rich foods or other diet changes to help make it all better. (And even if you don’t have a case of the period munchies, you may want to stock up on dark chocolate—it could be in short supply soon.) —Alison Feller

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