DIY cooling eye compress

London-based natural beauty brand Neal's Yard Remedies shares their quick fix for irritated eyes.
Closed Eyes

As fellow members of the 21st century, you probably struggle just as much as we do with itchy and irritated eyes that come from staring at a computer screen all day long. Or hay fever.

So we got in touch with our friends at Neal’s Yard Remedies, an amazing all-natural and environmentally friendly health and beauty brand based in London, for a quick and easy fix to mend our (and your) tired eyes.

Hope we’ll all be seeing clearly soon! —Jamie McKillop

Bright Eyes Cooling Eye Compress

2 in organic cucumber
1 tsp witch hazel herb
1 tsp rose buds (available at Enfleurage Events in the West Village or most tea shops)
1 tsp dried chamomile
2 tsp aloe vera juice
1/2 cup water
2 organic cotton wool pads

Add chamomile and rose to boiled water, steep for ten minutes then allow to cool and put in the fridge. Puree cucumber, skin and all, in a food processor with witch hazel and aloe vera juice. Add chilled chamomile and rose blend and mix until you get a lovely runny consistency. Soak cotton wool pads in the mixture, squeeze out any excess. Place over closed eyes and relax.

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