Donna Karan’s intuitive counselor wants to help you see your potential

Susan King is no neighborhood psychic, but she can see how your past is tripping up your present. The YinOva Center hosts the visiting visionary this month.
Susan King Intuitive
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When we heard Donna Karan’s intuitive counselor was coming to the YinOva Center for a week, our first question was: What the heck is an intuitive counselor? So, we tracked down Susan King and asked her to explain.

Turns out this visionary says she’s helped clients catch cheating partners (and get over them), pinpoint childhood memories that were messing with their sleep schedules, and much more. And King’s approach is way more holistic than your neighborhood psychic (though it costs a good bit more, at $195 for a half hour).

Wondering if an intuitive counseling session is in the cards for you? Read on…

Let’s start with the basics. What is an intuitive counselor? A person who helps you have a different perspective on whatever is troubling or confusing in your life! But the thing is, you need not come in and tell me your story or problem. I am able to discover this through the process that I work through.

How did you become one? I was born with a level of intuition that has developed over a thirty year span. Particularly when I have gone through any kind of mental or physical upheaval, I found this sense to have become stronger. Some would tell you that I have a remarkable gift, and am blessed in this way. It may be true, but I personally believe that we all have intuition. It is the still voice within all of us that can guide us if we listen to it. But we often get so confused or mixed up, it is often hard to access.

How does a session with an intuitive counselor work? When a person comes to see me, I tell them that I will focus my mind, and all I require them to do is to listen, and afterwards they may ask me questions, and we can also interact as the session goes on. I explain to them that I will receive mental pictures and images in my minds eye that will give me a picture of whatever is troubling or confusing that is going on in their lives. This process will give them a different perspective than where they are right now and will offer new insight and options, and create more awareness in what ever they are struggling with.

Okay, can you give me an example? Examples can be so varied, and depend on the kind of issues a person is dealing with, but here’s one: A client once said to me, “I cannot sleep. I have had trouble sleeping for many many years.”

As she described this, I had picture of a girl of about 5-years-old on a wooden platform on a lake just off the shore. It was summer time and people were laughing, having fun, swimming, and boating. I asked her about it, and she told me that she had almost drowned. The trauma was stored in her subconscious. I worked on a plan with her to release it, so that could start sleeping better.

One of the things that I deal with is the anxiety, pain, and anguish that people have and keep inside. I try, and do, make people feel safe and nurtured, and I am very caring and gentle with my approach.

What kinds of issues are New Yorkers dealing with that intuitive counseling can help with? All big cities have more stressed out people, just by the very nature of the pace of life, and everyone needs someone they can rely on to open up to. I can help with personal and business relationships, how to handle people, gaining a better understanding of where and how your partner is mentally, is it the right relationship for you. which direction you should go in your life and career, your pain from a loss…all these issues and more.

Susan King will be at the YinOva Center from May 7–12 and 16–19, 74 E. 11th Street, Union Square, To book an appointment ($195 for 30 mins., $400 for 60 mins), call 212-533-2255

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