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If you’re like us, you pop an herbal remedy for a headache or sip an herbal tea for anxiety before you reach for something that comes with a prescription. Now the plants we know best from their role in our medicine cabinet (versus those in our window box) are getting the limelight at the The New York Botanical Garden’s upcoming “Wild Medicine: Healing Plants Around the World.”

Running from May 18 to September 8, the exhibit, complete with an Italian Renaissance-inspired garden of more than 500 species of medicinal plants, will illustrate the long-standing relationship between plants and health.

And it will open with a lecture and book signing by integrative-medicine pioneer and author, Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D., who will share his own experiences researching medicinal plants across cultures and explain the latest science on how plants maximize well-being.

Can’t make it to see Dr. Weil on Saturday, May 18? Special events will continue throughout the exhibit’s run, with evening viewings featuring cocktails in the garden.—Jamie McKillop

The Dr. Weil “Wild Medicine” launch event costs $35. For more information, visit