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Welcome to Good Travel, where the wellness world’s road warriors share their secret healthy travel hacks—and exactly how (and where!) they figured them out. Today we have model and holistic health coach Anna Hanks, who is constantly on the road, or planning to be—and has some amazing tips.

Between working as a model in New York City and having a long-distance relationship for many years, traveling has become my norm. Over the last several years, I’ve learned some tricks money can’t buy when it comes to staying healthy on the road, especially when any kind of stress is involved (even if it is navigating an airport en route to a peaceful vacation).

My mom always taught me to travel with nose spray and nose oil so your sinuses don’t dry out, which can make you more prone to getting sick and run-down. I recommend using the spray first, then oil before you take off on a plane. My favorites are Xlear Sinus Spray and Baraka Dry Nose Oil.

I have a compromised immune system, so it’s crucial for me to always go the extra mile in order to protect myself.

And we all know to regularly wash our hands and use hand sanitizer whenever possible while on the road, but I’ve found that wiping my seat down with a disinfectant wipe upon initial contact is one of the best ways to eliminate excess germs.

I also have a compromised immune system, so it’s crucial for me to always go the extra mile in order to protect myself—and that means preparing ahead of time. I always boost my normal vitamin C and zinc intake, on top of adding oil of oregano to my regular supplement routine a few days before my travels begin.

On long flights, I make sure to bring my own food to the airport so I know that my body will get proper nourishment—and I always drink a minimum of one liter of water as a requirement for hydration, so yes, I always book an aisle seat!

Lastly, my digestion gets very sluggish when I am out of the comforts of home. Flying and traveling, in general, can set me back for days. I bring my travel packets of Natural Calm Magnesium with me wherever I go! Taking one packet each night with warm water allows me to sleep deeper and assist in keeping my digestion on track.

I believe that making a conscious shift out of the stressed-out, “fight or flight” panic mode allows us to approach traveling in a healthy mindset. (Not easy in an airport, I know!) It’s so important to power down, truly relax and let go of all the built-up tension when you reach your destination—so you can enjoy every second of your trip.

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