Happiness expert Gretchen Rubin on the power of HIIT workouts and pretty office supplies

wellness-confidential_gretchen-rubin Welcome to Wellness Confidential, our quick-fire interview series where we ask hard-hitting (okay, entertaining) wellness questions, lightning round-style.

This week we’re quizzing Gretchen Rubin, author of several bestsellers and a true pro when it comes to the art of happiness. (Her latest book Better Than Before—out in paperback this week—is a perfect place to start if you’ve got New Year’s resolutions on the brain.)

First thing I did when I woke up this morning: Got dressed and took my puppy, Barnaby, out for a walk.

Last thing I did before I went to sleep last night: Kissed my husband.

The one place I’d never wear yoga pants: Wow, is there any place? …A cocktail party.

Workout I’m currently obsessed with: High intensity interval training.

The one wellness trend you’ll never see me try
: A cleanse.

If sugar was a superfood, my diet would consist of: Chocolate chip cookies.

The last time I used my oven: My daughter had to take cookies to school so I swapped the cookie sheets for her.

If I were a fruit or vegetable, I’d be: Broccoli.

I firmly believe that a woman can never have too many: Lovely office supplies.

The one song that I’ve been playing on repeat: Different versions of the folk song “Raggle Taggle Gypsy.

The one beauty product that I’m always replenishing: Moisturizer.

My go-to spot for date night with my BF/GF/BFFs: I love hotel bars.

Where I go when I need to be alone: I go deep into the stacks of the New York Society Library. I love all libraries.

One way I’ve given back that I’m proud of is: I remind people to sign up to be organ donors, and to tell their friends and family that they’d want to donate. It takes less than one minute to do it, and you might save up to eight lives.

Most people probably don’t know this about me, but: I really, really hate to drive. It’s a big drag for me.

My most memorable sweaty moment: My husband and I were newly married, our apartment was in the attic of a big building, and the air conditioner quit working while I was studying for the bar. Boy, that was sweaty.

My mantra of the moment: Be Gretchen.

Bring a little Gretchen home with you—here are her five tips for being happier without ever leaving the house. And then catch up on our recent Wellness Confidentials with cult trainer Holly Rilinger and Drybar founder Alli Webb.

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