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(Photo: NoMoreDirtyLooks)
(Photo: NoMoreDirtyLooks)

By Susannah Compton for

Have you ever looked up from your life and wondered at your own resilience? Do you associate certain self-care habits with your ability to thrive in this modern life?

This past year was one of the most personally challenging I’ve yet experienced. Looking back, I’m astonished that the stress of it just sort of bounced right off of me, and I credit some of my seemingly innocuous daily habits with playing a big role in my resistance to stress and its nasty affects.

I’ve been drinking tea made from the tulsi herb for the last year, and I believe this tea has had a significant affect on my well-being. I was looking for a peppermint tea when I found Organic India’s Tulsi Peppermint Tea. The information on the box described tulsi as a sacred, healing herb that fights stress, and the little herbalist in me got excited. Before I get to the health benefits, let me say that this tea is truly delicious. Tulsi has a touch of sweetness that peeks through the true peppermint flavor. The taste and scent are relaxing and refreshing. I’ve been through countless boxes of it now and drink it several times a day.

Keep reading to learn more about the healing benefits of tulsi…

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