How 9 wellness stars show gratitude

From distributing hugs to handwritten letters instead of texts, these health luminaries tell us how they show thanks. Feel free to follow their lead.
Gratitude Recognizing and giving thanks for all that you have is not just the right thing to do, it can actually make you a happier, healthier person.

But finding ways to express the gratitude you feel is not always easy—especially during a time of year that requires you to add shopping for gifts, holiday parties, and planning for 2014 to your already packed schedule.

So we asked nine wellness stars—from celebrity trainers and yogis to healthy food gurus—to share the simple practices they’re turning to show thanks this year. Feel free to follow their lead… —Lisa Elaine Held


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KatieHess-LotusWei Katie Hess
Lotus Wei founder, flower alchemist, healer

I’m thankful for…
I’m deeply grateful for my spiritual teacher.

The practice
I do three things:
1. Daily meditation practice: it honors the teachings he has given me—and I make wishes that the results of the practice directly benefit all beings.
2. Strive to be a better person everyday: I work as hard and as smart as I can and I strive to be mindfully aware in every moment—especially the little things. The better I can be as a person, the more gratitude-in-action I can demonstrate.
3. I offer good food, healing remedies, and laughs. —M.G.


Tracey Piper Tracy Piper
Piper Center for Internal Wellness founder, acupuncturist, massage therapist, colon hydrotherapist

I’m thankful for…
This year especially I’m grateful for health. I say this because this year so far I have lost six friends, and it makes me realize more than ever the importance of being Internally Fit—nourishing every single cell in our bodies with the proper nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

The practice
I give gratitude by making sure that every day, I at least let someone in my life—whether it be family, friend or a client—know that they are special and loved. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle we forget that simple thing. To feel and want love. I thank them for being in my life.


Angela Shore Angela Shore
Jiva Apoha founder

I’m thankful for…
I’m deeply grateful for experiencing true love for the first time and the beauty in humility that I continue to learn.

The practice
As a new business owner, I try to fulfill and share my work in philanthropy. Jiva Apoha has been involved in relief efforts and given proceeds from sales to a variety of organizations between 2012 and 2013,  like Super Storm Sandy, Somaly Mam, and The Indian Youth of America. It’s important for our team to be involved; it’s one way to help aid ones in need. We are researching and will be doing more work for future growth in charity.






Kristin McGee Kristin McGee
Celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor

I’m thankful for…
My incredible baby boy Timothy Grayson who arrived July 31. He’s changed my life!

The practice
I write a personal handwritten letter or thank you note to the people I love, letting them know how much I appreciate them. It’s so rare to get a handwritten letter these days—it’s all texts and emails.


Max Goldberg Max Goldberg
Organic food blogger and activist, Living Maxwell and

I’m thankful for…
That major television news networks have finally started to cover the incredibly important topic of GMO-labeling. The fact that genetically-modified foods are not labeled is one of the real injustices in our country.

The practice
I try to give something away every day, whether it is a donation to charity, an extra big tip, money to a homeless person, or even just a compliment to a stranger. I learned this from doing The Abounding River, a personal logbook written by Matthew and Terces Engelhart, the founders of Cafe Gratitude in California.


Latham Thomas Latham Thomas
Founder, Mama Glow

I’m thankful for…
I’m grateful for all of the people who bring joy to my life—especially my son. He is heaven-sent and teaches me so much.

The practice
I have a practice called “Confessions of Light,” and it’s all about recognizing people in my life who’ve made a positive difference and acknowledging and honoring them. So it might be a simple phone call, but it may be crafting them a special homemade treat or writing a letter. But this is an important practice that reminds those who have impacted my life, even in a small way, that I appreciate them.


Lacey Stone Lacey Stone
Celebrity trainer, Flywheel instructor

I’m thankful for…
These are the top 10 things I’m especially grateful for this year: 1. My family—my mom, dad, and sister. 2. Ang—my newest best buddy/womance and traveling companion. 3. All of my friends. 4. My students—who trust me to kick their asses and love them as they love me. 5. My career. 6. The people who believe in me. 7. The people who don’t believe me. Thank god for the haters; they make me want to never give up and continue the hustle, baby. 8. My health. 9. Quinn, my baby girl—for making me realize that at the end of the day all we need is love. 10. Lovers—my loves of the past and my love of the present, for breaking my heart and helping me grow into the woman I am today.

The practice
I show my gratitude with HUGS… I LOVE HUGGING people all of the time, any time!


Kelly Morris Kelly Morris
Founder, Conquering Lion Yoga

I’m thankful for…
Mother Earth. Raise your glass to this great, glorious blue and green rock we live and die on! Endlessly She circles the Sun, blooming green and effortless under His brilliant gaze. One degree closer and up in smoke we go, one degree farther and ice cubes we collectively become. She goes by many names and nothing at all exists without her. Loving her isn’t just for old hippies in Topanga.

The practice
I started building mandalas a few years ago to express my love and gratitude for Earth. Flowers, rocks, shells, leaves, whatever is growing and calling to me. They evolve into themselves without much thought or effort and express more accurately than words what I feel—and thank you, thank you, thank you is my silent catechism. To be in receivership of such beauty and wonder asks us to act as custodians of the Earth. We should get started on that, before there’s nothing left to take custody of.


Nitika Chopra Nitika Chopra
Founder, Your Bella Life and host of Naturally Beautiful on Veria Living

I’m thankful for…
I am especially grateful for all of the people in my life who support me in living the life of my dreams. It’s a humbling thing to witness a dream come true—you become so aware of your ability to manifest anything and yet so clear you could never do any of it by yourself.

The practice
I show gratitude through sending love notes. Whether it’s a thoughtful text or a hand-written note, I make sure to go that extra step and tell someone how grateful I am for their presence in my life.


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