How to detox for fall: 3 steps to start the season with tons of energy

How to detox for fallStep away from the margaritas and lobster rolls.

Yes, we had to be dragged from the beach kicking and screaming, too—but fall, known more for its get-sh*t-done vibe (and pumpkins!), is here, and there’s nothing you (or we) can do about it.

Actually, there are a few things. Starting with trading tequila for turmeric to clean out and reset your system, so you can face the busy days ahead with energy and enthusiasm.

Ready to get detoxing? We’ve got everything you need, from years of interviews and research, to give yourself a total reboot in three simple steps:

1. Recognize the signs. Don’t start September by ignoring the things that will lead to a crash. Symptoms like allergies and sugar cravings can be signs your body needs a reset, and so can small, nagging issues you may brush off, like bloating and puffy eyes.

2. Start adding detox practices to your daily life. You don’t have to go from party time to only drinking green juice for 30 days (and in fact, you probably shouldn’t). There are plenty of small changes to your daily routine you can make that will help your body detox naturally, like adding these foods to your diet, mixing detoxing ingredients into your post-workout smoothie, or starting your day off with this turmeric-lemon tonic.  You could also try some whole-body detox practices outside of the kitchen, like dry brushing or oil pulling.

3. Or opt for a full reboot. If that’s not enough, there are lots of ways to go for a full system reset. You can do a physician-approved 10-day food detox, try an elimination diet, or consult one of the many expert guides out there to find a program that works for you. Isn’t fall looking brighter and healthier, already?

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