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How to hold onto your summer bliss: Alexis Jones

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Photo: Brooklyn Morgan/Unsplash

Yes, the sun is setting on the sweet, blissful months of summer. But that doesn’t mean you have to just submit to the frenzy of fall. We asked top wellness experts how they continue to channel summer’s relaxing vibe long after Labor Day. Follow their lead for a saner season.

This week, we’re speaking to Alexis Jones, founder of (an empowering online platform for women) and ProtectHer (a campaign that addresses domestic abuse on college campuses), author of I Am That Girlmotivational speaker, and film producer (A Brave Heart, a documentary centered around an anti-bullying lobbyist) about how she keeps a summer mindset.

Here are the two tips she swears by for prolonging those feel-good vibes, no matter what time of year it is.

Originally posted August 24, 2014, updated September 1, 2016.

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Photo: Micah H./Unsplash

1. Seek out adventures

Come fall it’s easy to get into a routine and work grind. But one thing that keeps the summer-like bliss going for me is to seek out adventures. Whether it’s trying a new yoga class, planning a bonfire night at the beach with friends, or going on a weekend camping trip, I know that I feel most relaxed when I have fun activities that help me let off steam and get my head out of work-mode. As adults, I don’t think we play enough, and more fun things keep me in a summer state all year long!

quiet time
Photo: Carli Jean Miller/Unsplash

2. Have quiet time in the a.m.

Waking up and having “quiet time” before I let the rush of my always-busy-schedule take over has drastically changed my life. I used to check my phone the moment I woke up and immediately shifted into a reactionary state.

Instead, I won’t even glance at my phone, check emails, or updates on social media until I do my “Q time.” I write in my journal, pray/meditate, hit the gym, make breakfast, shower, and then, once I’m dressed and have taken care of me, I will allow myself to jump into the insanity of my day. This ritual of making room for stillness in my life allows me to cultivate calmness and peace amid my insanely packed schedule.

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