How yogis spend their Sundays

Ever wonder what your fave yoga instructor does after class on Sunday? (Hint: not laundry!) Get an inside look at the routines of some very cool yogis.
Sharon Aluma_yoga_2 Yogis know a lot about finding balance.

Which is why we bet they rarely reach the last day of the week with that same desperation for R&R as the rest of us. And why we wondered just how they use the precious slow-down day—brunch, harmonium lessons, laundry? Or (possibly) something way more transcendent?

We asked seven yogis across the country how they spend their Sundays, and it turns out they really know how to use their free time off the mat (though many of them can still be found there on weekends). Read on to learn their Sunday rituals… —Molly Gallagher

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Bianca Fearon_yoga Bianca Fearon, Santa Monica
Hot 8 Yoga, YogaWorks, and Naam Yoga

“I wake up around 6:45 and do a mild yoga stretch, drive to the gym and run 4 to 5 miles on the treadmill, and then teach my 9 a.m. Flow class. After class I have a Sunday fun-day ritual…you’ll spot me around 11:00 a.m. at the Santa Monica Crepe Restaurant eating one or two with maple syrup,” says Fearon. “It’s mostly a veg out day after my morning class. Though, at about 4:00 p.m., I do get my practice in—then usually have an evening movie night.”

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anya porter yoga Anya Porter, New York City
YogaWorks and Kula Yoga Project

“The first thing I usually do is confer with my fiancé regarding whether we make brunch or go out. A favorite is Buvette in the West Village and Buttermilk Channel in Carrol Gardens. If we stay home, [I make] eggs, sliced meats and cheeses, and some sliced tomatoes, vegetables, or fruit,” says Porter.

“Sundays are very chill—we are extremely busy people, so we like to relax a lot on weekends. If I do anything physically active on Sundays it’s swimming at the beach or going rock climbing with my man at The Cliffs in Long Island City. Only in the last year have I had Sundays off and it is so amazing what that day of rest does for the rest of the week.”

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Sharon Aluma_yoga_yoga Miami Sharon Aluma, Miami
Green Monkey Yoga and The Standard, Miami Beach

“I like to think of Sunday as the start of my week, just as a sun salutation is the start of our practice. I’m out my door by 8:15 a.m. to teach a private. Then, I head over to Green Monkey Yoga studio for the 10:30 a.m. Organic Vinyasa yoga sesh. Sunday mornings are unique, sometimes half the room smells like tequila. After class, I walk around the corner to JugoFresh where I get my Sunday treat, the El Dragon Bowl,” says Aluma.

“By 1:00 p.m. I’m usually back home and give myself time for my own self practice. [Then], I head out on my bike to meet up with friends…with a bikini, anything-can-happen-type outfit. Sometimes a friend will invite me on their boat and other times it’s to the Soho Beach House, or The Standard. I love the afternoon sun and sea—it revives me. At night, I’ll have dinner with friends or some special one-on-one time with my sister. The positive energy of a Sunday is undeniable.”

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Stephanie Starnes_yoga Stephanie Starnes, Chicago
Zen Yoga Garage and Moksha Yoga Center

“Sundays have always been very sacred to me. There is a lightness and a feeling of ease. For many years, I taught class on Sundays at 8:00 a.m. I just recently stopped teaching that class, but I still find myself getting up early to teach a private or substitute a class. There is something special about Sunday morning yoga. Maybe it’s the people, the energy, or the calm. Then, I usually head to Handlebar to eat Diablos (the best breakfast ever) with one of my close friends. I call these ‘Diablos Dates.’ After brunch, I head over to Zen Yoga Garage to teach my second class of the day,” says Starnes.

“My Sunday afternoon is often spent being outside, and spending time with my friends and family. Once a month, I drive out to the suburbs to hold sound healing with my sister, Sarah, and on cold winter nights, I can usually be found at home, cooking a big pot of soup.”



Kat Fowler_yoga Kat Fowler, New York City
Yoga Vida and Pure Yoga

“Sundays are actually a pretty busy day for me, so I wake up nice and early. I like to take a few minutes for myself to meditate before I do anything else—I teach early morning on the Upper West Side at Pure Yoga and later in the afternoon in Soho at Yoga Vida,” says Fowler.

“On Sundays I also like to take my dog, Zeus, on a long walk by the East River. Then, I’ll usually either do a home practice or take a friend’s yoga class at Yoga Vida or Pure Yoga. At night, I finally get to relax and spend time with my honey. Sometimes it’s going out for a date, other nights it’s just watching a movie in our PJs with some ice cream. It’s all about keeping a nice healthy balance.”

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Meghan Currie Yoga Meghan Currie
Tough Love Yoga, Back Bay Yoga, and Pure Yoga, to name a few

“Sundays are special—like birthdays—and if I can, I do what I want, when I want, how I want. Often this translates to nothing at all. I let my body wake up when it’s ready, and usually spend the first hour or three without any internet interaction,” says Currie.

“I love hot brown drinks. This usually means coffee, or a chaga mushroom tea with hot almond milk, so first thing I do is make this happen. Then I write, move, study, research, and contemplate. I love strolling around whatever city I am in—usually getting lost, exploring, and snacking. Sundays are like a full day savasana, the yummiest day of the week, meant to allow us busy humans to have a rest from to-dos and give ourselves a break.”

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Kathryn Budig_yoga Kathryn Budig, Charleston, SC, YogaWorks, and more 

“If I’m home, I feel intense joy to be waking up in my bed! I pound a lemon water and either take a yoga class or hit up my favorite workout, Madabolic. A Sunday at home is a rare thing, so I normally do smoothies and eggs at home with my man,” says Budig.

“On the road: I have one or two workshops followed by one or two flights to get home. If I’m at home I’ll spend the day working out, having lounge time, beach time, and cooking time.”

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