Hyatt will soon have Dr. Frank Lipman-approved wellness services

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Photo: Park Hyatt New York

Staying on top of your fitness and nutrition goals on the road isn’t easy (AKA hopelessly gazing into your hotel’s snack drawer only to find $8 M&Ms—and then wandering down to the gym to work up a sweat, only to find that it’s closed). But a new partnership between Be Well (the health-centric brand established by functional medicine guru Frank Lipman, MD) and Hyatt Hotels may make staying healthy while traveling less of a headache. (Packing is hard enough, after all.)

“At Hyatt, we are focused on meeting the needs of our guests. We heard from them that they want healthy options while they are traveling,” says Maryam Banikarim, Hyatt’s global chief marketing officer. “With Dr. Lipman and Be Well, we found a partner who can help us provide smart choices in an authentic and integrated way.”

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Photo: Hyatt Hotels

Starting at Park Hyatt locations in New York, Chicago, and Washington, DC, you will receive a healthy refreshment upon arrival (might we suggest an avocado cocktail?), curated in-room amenities, more fitness offerings, an expanded (healthy) menu, and nutritious on-the-go snacks. Plus, if you want a more immersive wellness experience, retreats are being designed as well.

In New York, the Park Hyatt will host meditation classes with the city’s first drop-in meditation studio, MNDFL, and Park Hyatt Chicago will have local boutique class Shred415 offered once a week on site. Plus, all Hyatt hotels will have their gyms open 24/7 to accommodate gym goers with hectic schedules.

“As a frequent traveler, I know how hard it can be to maintain a healthy routine on the road. Be Well started as a way to help my patients break down barriers to everyday healthy living,” says Dr. Lipman.

And Brandon Shainfeld, CEO of Be Well, adds: “Wellness is more than a class or a diet—it’s a lifestyle. People recognize the importance of healthier options, and we are on a mission to make well-being convenient and accessible to all, on and off the road.”

A world in which we don’t have to skip workouts when we travel or lug five pounds worth of healthy snacks in our suitcase? Yes please.

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