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Old-timey L'Occitane de Provence will stock its Shea Butter Hand Cream in 200-plus J.Crew stores this holiday season. What's perky J.Crew getting out of it?
J. Crew coat
L'Occitane's hand cream seems like an unlikely match for J.Crew

In a move that mimics Anthropologie,  J.Crew will be peddling L’Occitane en Provence Shea Butter Hand Cream at 214 of their stores, offering another way—besides their cute knit mittens—to protect your palms from New York City’s arctic chill.

It’s a surprising partnership given J.Crew’s hard-won hip-yet-preppy rebranding of late and L’Occitane’s perennially fuddy-duddy reputation.

Starting this month in NYC stores, L’Occitane’s plant-based products, will be featured at store check-out.

We wonder why J. Crew didn’t shake hands with a beauty company with cool factor—like Aesop, REN, or Naturopathica. These brands have cool apothecary packaging and indie cred that would naturally appeal to men and women.

It looks like L’Occitane is totally the winner in this partnership, which extends to the J.Crew catalog and website on December 1.