Jessica Alba’s tips on how to live “The Honest Life”

The superstar actress's brand-new book is a guide to living a healthier, sustainable lifestyle. Here, she gives us a few starter tips for living more "honestly."
Jessica Alba the Honest Life
(Photo: Lisa Elaine Held for Well+Good)


When stylish, down-to-earth, super-celeb Jessica Alba first became a mom, an allergic reaction to baby detergent led her down a path that would ultimately lead to The Honest Company, her line of non-toxic home, body care, and baby products.

Her first book, The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You, which launches today, and includes pages of her personal stories, strategies, and tips “is the lifestyle that supports that [approach],” Alba says.

The Honest Life covers all aspects of living a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle, from natural beauty products and discovering your personal fashion sense, to clean eating and avoiding toxic flame retardants in furniture.

All while retaining Alba’s signature sense of chic style. (She’s insistent that natural, healthy living doesn’t have to be “beige.”) Here, she gives us a few starter tips for women (and especially moms) who want to live more “honestly.”

1. Read labels. Carefully. “Know what you’re bringing into your house; know what you’re putting on your skin,” she says. “I think that was the biggest eye opener for me. You’re not going to do everything right away, but just kind of understanding it and knowing you have the power to make better choices.”

2. Minimize stress. The idea of cleaning up your life can sound daunting, but it’s easier if you’re not frazzled. “You can sleep, it’s possible—it’s about putting your kid on a schedule instead of letting them run you,” she says. “When you put the kids to bed at seven, you get to be a woman with your husband, or go have dinner, or whatever—but you get to feel like a grown-up, so you’re not just always stressed and tired, trying to catch up.” Her favorite healthy de-stresser? “Get in the bath. It’s so good.”

3. Simplify your beauty and fashion style. In the book, Alba’s fashion and beauty advice help you find your personal style sense, while keeping it healthy and sustainable. She recommends natural makeup lines like Jane Iredale and RMS and teaches you how to use the products and how to make your own. “There are so many awesome beauty DIY things you can do literally from your pantry,” she says. When it comes to clothes, Alba cautions against cheap, fast fashion. “Buy vintage or invest in some key pieces in your wardrobe that you’re going to want to wear for a long time, and that you could even pass down to a friend or your kids,” she says.  “And every stylish woman should own a great blazer and a pair of ballet flats.” —Lisa Elaine Held

For more information, visit or check out a copy of The Honest Life

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