Wellness blogger Jordan Younger loses the Instagram filter and wants you to try it

jordan-younger-takeover This January, we’re focused on promoting honesty and transparency in wellness with our #iamwellandgood initiative. Instead of making epic resolutions, we’re inspired by the sweaty, messy, imperfect ways real people (like us!) live healthy, unfiltered lives on a daily basis. To celebrate, we asked incredible experts to share their super honest #iamwellandgood moments via Instagram takeovers all month long.

First up is Jordan Younger, AKA The Balanced Blonde, who’s become a leading voice for the need to be truthful in wellness blogging and on social media. Look no further than her recently published book, Breaking Vegan, to learn how she chose to be honest about the oft-unspoken struggles that come with the health blogging territory.

And today Younger gave us a no-holds-barred look into her life as a blogger—brown blob smoothies and all. Didn’t catch her Instagram takeover? Keep reading to check out her photo diary here, and don’t forget to follow @wellandgoodnyc on Instagram, so that you don’t miss a single, unfiltered moment.

(Photos: Jordan Younger)


Get Started
jordan-younger-takeover-1 Hi! It’s The Balanced Blonde here. Ever wonder what a day in the life of a blogger is really like? It’s not as glamorous as it may sometimes look on Instagram, that’s for sure—and today I’m going to show you the real me.

Follow along as I show you how #iamwellandgood.


jordan-younger-takeover-2 I like to switch up my breakfast each day so it never gets boring, but one staple you’ll always find me with is a huuuggge cup of coffee. Today it was a nice frothy almond milk latte, with some steel cut oats, toasted pecans, bananas, and raw honey.

Other days I shove a granola bar in my face on-the-go (full disclosure), but when I have time to relax and enjoy a leisurely breakfast I go all out… Usually with a good friend sitting right across the table!


jordan-younger-takeover-3 It’s not a normal Balanced Blonde day without a healthy dose of yoga. Today I got my stretch on down by the river in Sacramento.

My low-key NorCal days are some of my very favorite, even though they may not compare in “coolness” to my fast-paced LA or NYC days packed full of photo shoots, meetings, and events. Taking long walks in my hometown with my mom (or even alone) to gather my thoughts are some of my happiest moments. It’s all about that balance.


jordan-younger-takeover-4 Another very favorite part of my day is recipe development. I don’t have quite as much time on my hands as I did a few years ago, when I started my blog and was able to play around in the kitchen for hours on end. So now, when I am able to carve out time to create new recipes, it’s a treat for me.

This is my strawberry and cacao oat smoothie bowla recipe my family and friends beg me to make on the daily. What they don’t realize is that half the time the colors blend together to make the ugliest shade of brown you’ve ever seen! But today it turned out pretty :)


jordan-younger-takeover-5 Annnddd this takeover wouldn’t be complete without my kitten Hudson making an appearance! Hudson is the first pet I’ve ever had, since I didn’t grow up in a house with animals. He is five-and-a-half months old now and I have officially turned into a c-r-a-z-y obsessed cat lady. He is truly my best friend, and our connection is out of this world.

While I’m busy blogging about everything from wellness to fashion to the latest LA workout trend, I can guarantee you Huddy is sitting on my lap purring like a motorboat and/or being a goon and making me laugh hysterically!

We want YOU to participate in our #iamwellandgood campaign—find out how here. And then read an honest excerpt from Jordan Younger’s book about her difficult journey for more keeping-it-real inspiration.


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