Are flowers powerful enough to change the world?

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Flower essences are no joke. Basically, they’re plant extracts that are said to capture the healing power of blooms—changing your mood, elevating your spirit, shifting your emotions.

Katie Hess Flowerevolution
Photo: Flowerevolution

For Lotus Wei founder Katie Hess, it goes even deeper. The super-talented flower alchemist and elixir maker believes flower essences’ mood-boosting power have the potential to change things globally with, as she explains in her new book Flowerevolution: Blooming Into Your Full Potential with the Magic of Flowers, “worldwide ripple effect of positivity, a flower-fueled revolution that occurs spontaneously through our inner evolution.”

How does she know? Because it happened to her, with one particular flower on one particular day.

After about a decade of treating individual clients with flower essences, Hess was ready to take her career to the next level by preaching the blooming gospel out to a broader audience. After striking her first deal with a resort to create custom spa products, she walked out to the parking lot and…bam.

“I stopped dead in my tracks with awe. In front of the yet unopened resort was a cactus with a huge bud on it,” she says. She had a hunch that it was a night-blooming flower, and she was right. Night-blooming cereus (Echinopsis candicans) blooms for one night only, in fact, then dies before daylight. While dodging an approaching security guard, she collected a flower and infused the spa’s custom products with its rare qualities—and soon thereafter, saw her career as a flower alchemist skyrocket.

Could it do the same for you? Hess admits that flower elixirs are about as well-known as essential oils and aromatherapy were in the 1960s (which is to say: not very mainstream at all), but she believes that’s changing. And she’s convinced that when more people are hip to the power of petals, a lot of lives will change. “Flowers, their elixirs and effects, are beyond mathematics; they cannot be calculated,” she says. “They embody purity, love, and joy, and awaken all that and more within us.”

Keep reading for an excerpt from Hess’ Flowerevolution, with everything you need to know about night-blooming cereus, the plant that transformed her life—it just might do the same for you.

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Katie Hess Flowerevolution
Photo: Flowerevolution

Night-Blooming Cereus

Echinopsis candicans

Activate: Fearlessness

Message: Take the leap!

This is the flower that radically changed my business and my life almost overnight. It gave me the energy and fearlessness to catapult myself from quiet one-on-one consultations to formulating a product line for the flagship spa of the world’s largest hotel chain. It helped me scale my business to produce thousands of products and make hundreds of custom perfumes for special guests, including the President of the United States. Since then it has helped many other people to dig deep and dissolve fears and self-imposed limitations in order to skyrocket to the next level of their growth.

Why it’s special

Katie Hess Flower Essences
Photo: Katie Hess

Native to the Americas, it is also called Moonlight Cactus, or Queen of the Night.

There are about 20 different kinds of night-blooming cereus growing in jungles and deserts. This particular species is known as the Argentine giant, and it blooms in the desert, usually in springtime, on the full or new moon.

It blooms at night—for one night only—and by midmorning has already begun to wilt.

The night-blooming cereus flower is six to seven inches in diameter. At about 9 or 10 p.m. it starts unfolding its creamy white petals and its intoxicating fragrance. Inside the shimmery, featherlike petals are green and yellow pollen-filled stamens that are pollinated by sphinx moths.

What it reveals

If you’re attracted to the night-blooming cereus flower, on some level you’re yearning to make a huge leap in your personal growth. There may be fears or self-limiting patterns that will need to be worked through, however, as you make that leap. They likely reside in your subconscious, so you may be unaware of how they affect your actions or how they could create obstacles toward reaching your goals.

If you’re attracted to the night-blooming cereus flower, on some level you’re yearning to make a huge leap in your personal growth.

Being drawn to the cereus flower indicates that you are ready to see those fears or limitations as illusory appearances and move past them to accomplish your highest expression. You have the courage to sift through your fears and old patterns to free the part of yourself that wants to propel you forward in a big way.

You may also notice that you sometimes fall into the extremes of feeling either inferior or superior.

Ask yourself

• What is the biggest expression I can imagine of what I’m doing?

• What fears or limitations am I ready to dissolve?

• How have I held myself back in the past?

• What is one way I could make a huge leap toward expressing my full potential?

What the elixir catalyzes

Night-blooming flowers shine light on shadows and illuminate aspects of ourselves that we haven’t seen or paid attention to. This species of the night-blooming cereus digs deep into fear patterns. It unearths self-limiting habits and conscious or subconscious fears that are running in the background and affecting our behavior.

Cereus helps you take a huge leap in your growth or in the expression of your talent.

Fear holds us back from being our greatest selves. It prevents us from getting out of our comfort zone and taking a big leap toward our full potential. Night-blooming cereus brings up our fears and makes them apparent so we can look at them and release them. It also shows us when we are going to extremes—feeling inferior, combined with feeling superior—and through awareness, helps us dissolve those patterns.

Night-blooming cereus offers a boost of courage and bold determination. Not about baby steps, rather cereus helps you take a huge leap in your growth or in the expression of your talent. It pushes you past any preconceived self-limitations, moving you into new territories, new expressions of your gifts. When you fearlessly go out on a limb after your dreams, you can achieve what you may have previously thought was unattainable.

Extra credit

• Make a list of the ways you hold yourself back, and become aware of when they manifest in your life.

• Notice when you feel like you’re in the right place at the right time. What causes and conditions led you to that experience, and how can you repeat them?

• Make a list of the most exciting ways you could see living your highest potential in the world. What are you afraid of? What makes you hesitant?

• What are you really amazing at? If you continued devoting time to one area of your life, what could you master?

In essence

Dissolves: Fears, negativity, self-limitations, old habits, patterns, illusions, extremes of inferiority, and superiority.

Magnifies: Fearlessness, courage, great leaps toward reaching your full potential, deeper understanding of your shadow side and illusions, realization of your true gifts and how to expand on them.

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