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Photo: Instagram/@lenadunham

When it comes to women’s health issues, you can count on Lena Dunham to speak up.

The actress/writer/author/director has been public about her struggle with endometriosis as well as a beacon of light in the body positivity movement and other feminist issues—especially in the post-election climate.

So it makes perfect sense that the star has now joined supermodel Karlie Kloss and Girls co-star Allison Williams as an investor in cool-girl brand Lola, known for its “make periods great again” campaign and its modern approach to feminine care. Lola offers a subscription delivery service, using only organic, BPA-free, and biodegradable tampons, as well as organic pads and liners (which were launched this month).

“I invested in Lola because I believe their product is removing stigma from women’s reproductive processes while also giving us healthy, stylish options for taking care of period business,” Dunham said in a statement. “As an advocate for women’s health and a lover of female-run businesses, this relationship is just a natural fit.”

Dunham’s investment is part of Series A funding round of $7 million led by Spark Capital that the brand just announced, along with the goal of expanding their team, product line, and customer reach.

Lena Dunham Karlie Kloss invest in Lola
Photo: Instagram/@lola

“On behalf of Lola, we’re thrilled to be working with Spark Capital as we take the business to the next stage,” says co-founder and co-CEO Alex Friedman. “Since launching Lola over a year ago, we’ve seen a huge shift in the national dialogue around transparency in feminine care, as well as de-stigmatizing the topic of menstruation. Our goal is to continue that conversation as the go-to brand for women’s wellness and health care.”

There you have it—menstrual realness for the win.

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