London’s wellness scene, via the city’s coolest, healthy sisters

Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley have won over Brits with their stylish, hearty approach to healthy food. You definitely want to experience London their way.
(Photo: Hemsley + Hemsley) If you thought London was just pints and pubs, fish and chips, and (watching) rugby, Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley are here to prove you wrong.

The stylish sisters are behind Hemsley + Hemsley, a six-year-old private, bespoke meal service and blog that’s enchanted the city’s palate with a hearty approach to healthy, home-cooked food. “It’s all about taste and nourishment for us,” Jasmine says. “We’re not scared of fat—we leave the skin on the chicken and choose whole dairy.”

The Hemsley sisters’ recipes are regularly featured in Vogue and their debut cookbook, The Art of Eating Well, became a serious best-seller when it was released in the UK in June. The stateside version just hit bookstores, so you’ll be able to follow their breadcrumbs from across the pond starting this month.

So what destinations make up London’s increasingly cool and healthy scene? We asked the Hemsleys to share their favorite wellness hotspots, from juice bars and secret yoga studios to natural beauty boutiques. —Jamie McKillop

(Photo: Hemsley + Hemsley)


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Raw Press Juice Bar: Raw Press

The cold-pressed organic juice bar recently opened at Wolf & Badger Mayfair with an outpost in Wolf & Badger Notting Hill. “They are priced really well and sold in glass bottles, the healthiest way to package a juice,” Jasmine says.”We love the celery, kale, and parsley ‘Number One’ Super Green softened with coconut water.” Bonus: you get a free juice for every 10 bottles you return. Good for your pocketbook, and the planet.

(Photo: Raw Press)


SYC Yoga: Secret Yoga Club

Secret Yoga Club is pretty much what it sounds like, with yoga classes at different crazy-awesome spots across London like the Royal Academy of Arts, followed by a homemade supper occasionally served by Hemsley + Hemsley. “The best are the ones with gong meditation from Faze Al,” Melissa gushes.

(Photo: Secret Yoga Club)


London Food Freak Dining: Elliot’s Cafe

At Elliot’s Cafe in Borough Market, you won’t find a menu full of kale salads—more like crab on toast and cheeseburgers. Everything, however, is seasonal and bought directly from the source. “They also have an all-natural wine list of traditionally fermented wines from organic and biodynamic vineyards,” Jasmine says. Date night?

(Photo: London Food Freak)


Frame Shoreditch Fitness: Frame

Frame is a boutique fitness studio with a diverse class roster—from yoga to dance cardio. “I like the one in Shoreditch for Dance Like Beyonce workshops,” Melissa says. Apparently it’s not just New Yorkers who love to shake it like Bey.

(Photo: Sekkides Photography)


Content London Natural Beauty: Content Beauty & Wellbeing

Organic beauty hub Content carries brands from Intelligent Nutrients to W3LL PEOPLE, and offers treatments, too. “They’re a treasure trove of knowledge when it comes to all things natural and effective,” Jasmine says. Her favorite brand there is Pai Skincare.

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