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Been skimping on beauty foods in favor of candy canes? New York City-based juice company Love Grace wants to help you detox your gut AND your pores with its new skin-care cleanse, which launched today on December 19.

The Beautiful Skin Cleanse Kit is a collaboration with natural Brooklyn beauty brand TAY Skincare, and it’s a partnership idea that’s catching on. (Last year, Organic Avenue launched a similar program with luxe natural brand Tata Harper.)

“We found each other during Fashion Week and realized our unifying purpose to spread beauty with organic, healthy, real products,” says Love Grace co-founder Carissa-Ann Santos. “The skin-care products along with the juice cleanse create a powerful nutrient- and mineral-dense protocol that we are ecstatic to offer to people nationwide.”

The Skin Cleanse Kit includes three or five days of juices and smoothies and four organic cleansing and moisturizing beauty products from TAY, like its Sunflower & Grape Revitalizing Cleanser and its Safflower Seed Night Cream with Jojoba, all packaged in renewable bamboo bottles.

Ingredients in the special cleansing juice blends serve targeted beauty needs, Santos says, like the schizandra berry, known for creating healthy skin tone, nettle, which delivers silica for healthy hair and nails, skin-healing aloe, antioxidant-rich raspberries for fighting free radicals, and grapefruit for vitamins A and C, essential for cell repair.

“All the juices and smoothies work together to support healthy detox, nutrient absorption, and immunity, so the body has the ability to repair and rejuvenate,” Santos says. “This is essential for healthy, radiant skin!” Unlike the eggnog and dessert table you may repeatedly encounter over the next week.  —Lisa Elaine Held

The Beautiful Skin Cleanse is $198 (3 days) or $310 (five days). For more information, visit