My Five Beauty Obsessions: Christine Taylor

Christine Taylor is known for her work in comedies like “Dodgeball” and “The Brady Bunch Movie,” as well as for her marriage to actor Ben Stiller.

So maybe it’s not surprising that she takes a light-hearted view of her beauty foibles. “I don’t know what I’m doing with makeup. When I have an event, a professional makeup artist helps me out. But I love discovering and trying great new products,” says Taylor.

One thing she’s increasingly serious about? Natural ingredients. Taylor recently partnered with Nourish, a new USDA-organic-certified line of super pretty (and shockingly affordable) beauty products. “I’m always looking for simpler ways to be healthy. I think a lot of women are,” she says.

Here are a few of her go-to summer staples that help her simplify and health-ify her beauty regimen.

1. Nourish Organic Body Butter in Fresh Fig ($9.99) I have dry skin, elbows, and cuticles—year-round. This is luscious enough to apply before bed but without waking up sticky. It’s also the one product I also keep in my car—at red lights I’ll apply it. You have to take these moments when you have them!

Nourish USDA Body Butter Fresh Fig
Nourish USDA Body Butter Fresh Fig is a new affordable skin- and body-care line sold at Whole Foods

2. Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser ($50–75) I’m obsessed with this woman and her farm in Vermont. Her Regenerating Cleanser is my new fave. I love the exfoliating bits in it—I would never take the time to exfoliate or to use an extra scrub or mask during the week , so this way I get in a little every day.

3. Tan Towel – Full Body Classic Towelettes ($24 for five) Even though I’m in New York now, having lived in California for 20 years, I still like a California glow. This is my favorite way to get it. The wipe is thin enough that you can’t go overboard or get it wrong. Here’s a trick I learned: After I’m done wiping it over my face and decollete, and have washed my hands, I take a dry towel and go around my hair line and lips and blend it in. It’s the most natural-looking tanner I’ve tried, and it’s better than lying in the sun!

4. Epicuren Enzyme Lip Balm SPF 15 ($6.50 tube/$9.50 jar) This product is not super beautifying per se, but it’s essential for me to function as a person. I have to put it on when I wake up, when I go to bed, and for sun protection. I really like the tea tree tingle. I’m not a big lipstick person: But I’ll put on my lip liner all over, then apply this on top for a natural-looking lip.

antioxidant boost
You stir a teeny spoonful of Sally B into your moisturizer

5. Sallie B Antioxidant Skin Boost ($34) I love this recent find. The founder of the line does everything naturally, and I feel like it’s so good for my skin. I’ve already seen a difference and been getting compliments, so it must be working! I’ll use at night and blend it with my moisturizer. Plus, I can really spend some money on some products, but this is such a good affordable one.

Beauty Bonus: Face Stockholm Highlighter ($25) I don’t like wearing makeup every day, but I love to use this an a eye shadow. I rub it all over my eyelids (my favorite shade is “Prosperity”), and it wakes up my face. If I don’t do anything makeup-wise, I feel naked. But I can totally do this, my tan towel, and lip balm—and I’m done! —Melisse Gelula

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