My Five Beauty Obsessions: Erika Bloom

This Pilates guru isn't sold on temporary beauty fixes. She's obsessed with natural products that truly nourish her skin and have long-term benefits.

 Erika Bloom Erika Bloom is one of New York City’s top Pilates gurus, but the instructor and studio owner is not only focused on core strength and alignment.

“I truly am ‘obsessed’ with natural and organic products,” she says. Bloom chooses products that go beyond temporary beauty fixes and are full of ingredients that nourish her skin and keep it healthy and glowing “for the long-term.”

“It works right into my holistic approach to the body: we aim for healthy, balanced bodies that feel good and look good in every way,” she says.

Bloom’s gorgeous complexion suggests it’s working. Here’s what she keeps in her beauty bag.

1. Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum ($150) I love all things Tata Harper. I use the whole line, and it has transformed my skin. The serum instantly makes my skin look glowy and firm, and I know it’s 29 active, natural ingredients are working on making it truly better at the same time.

2. Egyptian Magic ($33) This is the best lip moisturizer I’ve found. I also use this natural, olive oil based cream for a multitude of things: as an eye cream, body moisturizer, cuticle healer, hair mask, and probably more.

3. Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Sun Touched ($54) I love this cream blush. It gives me natural, effortless color while nourishing my skin with shea butter and jojoba oils.

4. Nvey Eco Organic Eyeshadow in Brown Sugar ($25) An organic shadow that stays in place is really hard to find. This one does the trick, and it’s a perfect color for my ‘”no make-up” look. Plus I can also layer it to create a smoky eye for night.


5. Arcona ReOzone 40 ($28) Sunscreen is a MUST! So finding this light, chemical-free one that protects against UVA and UVB light, and feels luxurious, and doesn’t make me break out, totally made my year.

BEAUTY BONUS: John Masters Organic Citrus and Neroli Detangler ($16) This conditioner smells absolutely amazing—a necessity—and it leaves my hair shiny and moisturized without weighing it down. —Lisa Elaine Held


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