My Five Beauty Obsessions: Jodie Patterson

(Photo: Kevin Sturman)

As the co-founder of DooBop, an online beauty store that mirrors the ethnic diversity of New York City, and the owner of Georgia by Jodie Patterson, a head-to-toe natural beauty brand, it’s not surprising when Patterson tells you “she’s always felt a connection between the inner and outer woman that translates into soul stirring beauty.”

Patterson is a beauty bard who can’t help get poetic about lotions and emotions. (Partially due to her former role of PR director at Zac Posen, perhaps?) “Beauty is an activity, part application of potions and part connection to feelings,” she explains. “Once we tap into a mood and express that mood through our hair, clothing, homes, and the product that we put on our bodies, we become undeniably beautiful.”

A woman that’s true to her word, Patterson follows a strict twice daily beauty regimen which includes 15 minutes of uphill sprints three times a week, a gentle face cream cleanser scoured with very hot water followed by a cold-water rinse, a toner, a natural face oil, and “a face cream on top just to seal the deal,” she says.

The only shortcoming? Sleep. Which she only gets three hours of each night. “Right about now, post-site launch, and the close-out of an epic year—I’ve coined 2013 The Year of the Female Dragon—I’m beyond exhausted,” Patterson says.

Here’s her list of cure-alls to make it through another epic year—beautifully. —Jamie McKillop

1. Caudalie Beauty Elixir ($18) It’s the top of a new year and I’m all about tapping into eternal beauty. I think I found the source in a beautiful glass bottle. And perhaps the best part, this face spray doesn’t mess with my fancy blowout. Somehow the spray stays directly on my face and doesn’t mist-up my hair. I’ll carry this with me everywhere. Love!

2. Prtty Peaushun in Deep ($34) My legs are my asset. Anyone who knows me knows I’m always running from place to place, meeting to meeting, school to home office. I’m on the go, literally. If my legs give out I will lose in this marathon called my life. Prtty Peaushun in the shade “deep” does more than just beautify my limbs. It goes deeper and nourishes with plant extracts and oils like avocado and jojoba. It’s designer food for my body. Just what I need to keep me going.

3. Moroccan Gold 100% Organic Argan Oil ($26) This is the stash you don’t want to overlook. I’m a face and body oil junkie, but this one—wow. It’s everything you’ve dreamed about. Elegant glass bottle, rich powerful oil, with a slight nutty scent—perfect for the winter months. I use it on my face twice a day, my scalp sparingly, and my cuticles at night. Bonus: the founder of the line is a hot Brit reminiscent of Bob Marley himself. Winning!

4. Georgia by Jodie Patterson Body Perfume in Adore ($40) Okay, so it’s true—I’m in love with my own beauty line. And my current favorite is our Body Perfume that’s in the form of a cream. Totally rich, alluring and inspiring. Oils of amber, vetiver, and spikenard are the perfect mixology for the modern bohemian, like myself. I use it right before going out—and I’m unforgettable all day. Something about this reminds me of my travels and makes me feel mysterious.

5. Phyto PhytoSpecific Ultra-Smoothing Shampoo ($19) Everyone’s in search of the ultimate hair conditioner, but here’s the key: I focus on the quintessential shampoo to get my hair game right. This French company has a sublime wash that leaves my fragile hair healthy, gorgeous, and with tons of swing. Start the process off right!

Beauty Bonus: Leonor Greyl Masque Quintessence ($145) Bow down. This is the most gorgeous hair mask ever. It deserves the spotlight. I keep it bedside, right next to my fresh cut flowers and smart books (currently David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell). It’s decadent, luxe, and makes me feel like a spoiled brat when I use it.

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