My Five Beauty Obsessions: Molly Guy

The Stone Fox Bride creative director who oozes cool shares her beauty picks that are as fresh and as unfussy as her bridal philosophy.
Molly Guy's beauty picks Stone Fox Bride
Molly Guy and her daughter Sunny, in a teepee-like fort that Molly’s husband built in their Brooklyn home. (Photo: The Glow)


Stone Fox Bride has become the style house for women seeking a “mellow, meaningful and insanely cool wedding.” (And maybe not a princess-style gown and tiara.)

The founder and creative director of the “anti-bridezilla” bridal atelier is Molly Guy, and she marches to the beat of her own drum creatively—and by leading healthy, organic life, even though she’s in an industry that’s still cutting its teeth, holistically speaking. (Don’t get her started on crash diets and the misuse of pre-wedding juice cleanses.)

The Brooklynite shares a boho-chic home in Williamsburg with her writer husband, Mike, and their adorable daughter, Sunny. She practices yoga at least three times a week (mostly at Shala Yoga, Kula Yoga, and Strala Yoga), makes a daily fresh-pressed juice during the summer (it’s too harsh on her body in other seasons, she says), and only uses organic beauty products.

Part of her beauty ethos comes from front-lines experience at magazines like Nylon, Elle Girl, and Maxim, and working for a large beauty brand, where she was able to peek behind the metaphorical curtain. “I used to be a beauty editor, and I’m pretty hip to the fact that the big guys are not as all natural as they claim to be. Pure products smell better and feel better than all the mainstream stuff.”

Here are the products beauty-savvy Guy is stocking up on (for herself and Sunny) right now. And don’t worry, she doesn’t go in for bridal-industry markups or justify splurging. All of her picks are gentle on your skin and budget.  —Jamie McKillop

SW Basics 1. SW Basics Cream ($32) I have really dry and sensitive skin and this facial cream with three ingredients is the bomb. It’s totally soothing but not at all greasy. It’s made with coconut oil, olive oil, and shea butter, which are super gentle on the skin and also really rich. Plus, I love the smell of shea butter… it’s so pure.

2. Heritage Store Rose Petals Rosewater ($8.75) I’ve been using this stuff since high school. It acts as a toner and as a face and body mist. I spray it on my daughter’s face almost every morning, too. She’s two, but I’ve been doing it since she was newborn, it’s that gentle. She laughs when I do it.

Certified Organic 3. Alpine Made Certified Organic Unscented Goat Milk Soap ($12.49) My mom sends these to me. They’re super gentle, no parabens, or no synthetic anything. Just all natural and really pure.

4. Now Foods Avocado Oil 100% Pure Moisturizing Oil ($11) I use this on my daughter every night after the bath.
It’s really rich and pure. I actually use it on my own skin post-shower a lot of the time, too.

Lakshmi Fragrance 5. Lakshmi Fragrance Goddess of Wealth & Abundance Personal Essential Oil ($30) I keep one on me always since I discovered it in 2003. It’s the best blend of vanilla and sandalwood and amber… super sexy and earthy without being way hippie. And I love roll-on oils. They’re something really luxe about them, but totally convenient at the same time.

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