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The green makeup artist, who works with Fashion Week models and wellness celebs, gave us her high-performance natural makeup picks for everyday.

Rebecca CascianoAfter years as a celebrity and fashion makeup artist, Rebecca Casciano, ditched her traditional makeup, signed up for the health coaching program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and turned a green makeup leaf.

Now she woos women to beauty’s natural side. And Fashion Week models to wellness celebs like Gabby Bernstein (Casciano provided makeup for her book covers) and Latham Thomas love the non-toxic results.

Casciano’s lust-worthy makeup kit houses products that look great on camera—and on the street or at work. And it’s kind to skin that’s been through a lot.

“I’d been suffering with cystic acne for years when I got into beauty, but I’d never found conventional treatments to be effective. When I transitioned to natural beauty products, a plant-based diet, and started acupuncture and yoga, my skin started to heal,” says Casciano. Here, the natural makeup maven shares some of her favorites:Ilia Beauty Lipstick in Neon Angel

1. Ilia Beauty Lipsticks in Neon Angel and Wild Child ($24)
I love the vivid pigment in these natural, organic lipsticks. A bold lip color brightens up your whole face!

2. Yarok Feed Your Hold Hairspray ($18)
Anytime you spray something in the air you inhale it as well, so it’s important to use non-toxic hair care products. I love that everything in this line is natural— all the products contain essential oils so they smell amazing! And they work really, really well.

3. 100% Pure Healthy Skin Foundation ($32)
It can be hard to find a good foundation in the natural beauty realm! This is one of my favorites. It has an aloe-vera base and is packed with fruit pigments, so you can layer it to build coverage. It’s also long lasting, which is important when working with HD cameras.

Christopher Drummond Beauty Duo Phase Concealer4. Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Eyeshadows ($19–$28)
Jane Iredale is one of my favorite makeup brands. She is one of the pioneers of natural makeup and has a huge variety of products. These eye shadows have amazing pigment and go on smoothly. She also has a great selection of palattes (about $45–$55) that are perfect for your handbag.

5. Christopher Drummond Beauty Duo Phase Concealer ($22.50)
This is a great concealer with clean ingredients. It is water-based, so it goes on smooth and gives good coverage.

Beauty Bonus! Kahina Giving Beauty Serum ($90)
Argan oil is amazing for the skin. It’s nourishing, absorbs quickly, and smells amazing! I use this in the winter when my skin is dry before putting on makeup. —Rosa Levitan and Melisse Gelula

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