My Five Beauty Obsessions: Sasha Plavsic

After proving with ILIA Beauty that organic beauty products could perform, the beauty innovator has since found others that can claim the same. Here are her favorites.

Sasha Plavsic ILIA organic makeup and beauty productsWith incredibly chic packaging and sumptuous, stylish colors, ILIA Beauty is one of those organic beauty lines that makes it incredibly easy to walk away from chemical-filled prestige products.

Sasha Plavsic, the Southern California-based brains of the brand, certainly had this in mind when she created ILIA in 2009.

Starting with just a handful of stunning lipsticks, she wanted to make a connection between organic beauty and performance, and “change the minds of women who think that organic products are just good for them, but don’t really work.”

And she’s done that and more, wooing starlets, top beauty editors who test drive product performance, and NARS-obsessed fashionistas to her 85-percent-certified organic makeup and skin-care line, which has grown to include one of the top natural mascaras on the market.

When your standards are this high, we wondered how the natural beauty maven finds other products to use that satisfy her. These are the ones that do. —Jamie McKillop and Melisse Gelula

amala_serum1. Amala Rejuvenating Serum ($158) The perfect start to a glowing skin day! I love this serum as a primer for my skin in the morning. Two pumps in the palm of my hand, and then I rub it into my face with a sweeping motion out towards the hairline and all the way down the base of the neck to help drain the lymph nodes. It’s luxe, organic, and it works.

2. Kahina Giving Beauty 100% Argan Oil ($36 or $82) Kahina’s argan oil is the best on the market, and I like that it helps add moisture and elasticity to my skin. I warm two drops in my hands, and then use a quick patting motion in areas that are more prone to dryness. I love how it absorbs. It really does the trick for my skin.

3. Devita Solar Protective Moisturizer Plus SPF 30 ($18) There are many moisturizers with sunscreen on the market, but very few that I like. Devita has an SPF 30, which works really well without leaving my face white. I apply it all over the face, neck and décolletage.


4. Jane Iredale Dream Tint SPF 15 ($36) I use this to help even out my skin tone. The Medium shade works well for me. On its own, the Tint is a bit dry and doesn’t absorb too well, but using my light serums and oils prior to application, it works really well. I rely on it for minimizing pores, and blend it into my cheeks, forehead, and areas that may be a bit blotchy.

5. ILIA Multi-Stick in “All of Me” ($34) Our best seller in this multi-stick category works wonders on the cheeks and lips. I apply it along the edge of my cheekbones and blend out diagonally towards my hair line. It looks really great on the lips, as well.

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