My Five Beauty Obsessions: Vani Hari

The founder of Food Babe is all about avoiding unhealthy chemicals, whether in food or in her beauty routine. Here's what she trusts.

Vani Hari Vani Hari is the founder of Food Babe, a forum through which she shares her personal experiences with healthy eating (and fitness and travel) and spells out what harmful ingredients are used in food processing, so we can all do a better job of avoiding them.

So, it makes sense that Hari, who’s a passionate advocate of GMO-food labeling, also cares deeply about avoiding unhealthy chemicals and carcinogens in her daily beauty routine.

We asked the natural beauty what products she uses to get gorgeous. And judging by her photo, we think that’s advice worth hearing. —Jamie McKillop

1. Dr. Hauschka Moisture Mask ($41) This facial mask is pure luxury. The facials I give myself at home are better than any professional facial I’ve ever received because of this product. My skin glows like a lightning beam after an application and feels so incredible.Tarte Mascara

2. Tarte Lights Camera Action Mascara ($17) or Carrot Juice. It’s a toss up. After adding carrots to my daily green juice, my eye lashes grew longer and my eyes got brighter. Tarte Mascara only adds oomph to this beauty miracle! Finding a mascara that worked without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, SLS, and fragrance was really hard until I found Tarte.

3. Nutiva Coconut Oil ($24) I buy Nutiva Coconut Oil because I really believe in the company’s mission and I try to vote with my dollars. I use coconut oil in a lot of recipes, but most importantly I have a small jar of it dedicated to the bathroom cabinet. It removes eye makeup perfectly without any added chemicals—I still can’t believe I used to pay so much money for eye makeup remover filled with dyes and chemicals and was actually putting that junk on my face!

4. Yerba Prima Tampico Dry Skin Brush ($8) Taking care of my skin (the body’s largest organ) is one of my biggest priorities! I use a dry brush three times a week from head to toe before I shower to stimulate, rejuvenate, soften, and brighten my skin. I immediately notice if I slack off on my routine—my skin is just not the same!

5. Kiss My Face Olive Oil Soap ($5.50) I can’t stand using soap loaded with ingredients I can’t pronounce. This soap only has three clean ingredients—olive oil, salt, and water. I’ve been using this very simple soap for years and I don’t leave home without it. I make my own little perfect sized travel bars using my chef’s knife and cutting board in the kitchen.

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