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slice of lemonIf you’re not already drinking lemon water daily, it’s going to be your BFF this holiday season.

Squeezing a wedge or two of lemon into a glass of water is a super easy way to counteract the damage done by the holiday dessert table.

Why? In addition to being a top alkalizer (meaning it counterbalances your pH against acid-forming foods like sugar, alcohol, and fats), lemon water aids the digestive system, sparks your metabolism, and neutralizes stored toxins.

In other words, lemon water supports the work your over-taxed organs have to do to process your processed-food snacks. (This is why your acupuncturist might like you to start the day with it, too.)

So sipping some lemon water in between holiday cocktails—and or at your desk between the rounds of office cookies and cupcakes—helps your body handle the stress of indulging (and shake the guilt).

And a bonus for sippers: This could be your first holiday season with way less bloating or breakouts, and you may even skip the annual round of the sniffles. —Jennifer Kass