The spiritual side you didn’t know Rachel Platten had

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Photo: Instagram/rachelplatten
You’ve heard her power anthem Fight Song in your spin class, in Pretty Little Liars and Supergirl. You’ve probably even seen Taylor Swift wearing a “This Is My Fight Song” shirt. In the past year, singer-songwriter Rachel Platten has suddenly been everywhere.

After years of toiling in the music industry, Platten’s never-give-up attitude finally paid off with her massive breakout hit and her current Wildfire tour, which runs through April. With her newfound fame and intense road schedule (hello, home sweet tour bus), she relies even more on her wellness habits to keep her sane.

It’s hardly a rock-n-roll lifestyle—and that’s the way Platten likes it. “My band and I care deeply about fitness, health, living well, and taking care of our bodies and what we put in our bodies,” she says.

We recently caught up with Platten, who shared five ways she keeps her life healthy and balanced, from spirituality to fitness.

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Photo: Instagram/rachelplatten
Photo: Instagram/rachelplatten

1. She likes workouts that engage mind, body, and soul

While Platten grew up playing soccer (and can appreciate an intense workout), she recognizes that she needs a little something more than just a butt-kicking. “I do a lot of yoga so I can have a spiritual aspect to the workout,” she says. “You’re not only left feeling like you worked out your body, but you also get calmer, clearer, and more connected.”

2. She meditates

With travel and touring, life on the road can be overwhelming at times. What helps her get through it all? She meditates…a lot. She also credits her support network of family and friends.

Photo: Instagram/rachelplatten

3. She loves getting upside-down

“I love handstands,” says the singer. “You rush oxygen to your brain and then it flushes back out.” But don’t ask Platten to do one just anywhere. “I’m not good enough to do it without the wall! It’s not like I can just do it in the middle of the room.”

4. She treats her body as a temple

“What you eat is your fuel and your energy,” says Platten. “The reason we’re able to get through these grueling schedules and intense promo weeks is by being super careful about what we put in our bodies.”


5. She eats her bandmates’ food

While it’s important for Platten to stay healthy while on the road, she does have her cheat days. “I’ll eat super healthy and order incredibly healthy things, but sometimes [my bandmates] won’t. So I like to cheat by eating their food,” she says. “I think that if I eat that bacon cheeseburger and it’s yours, then it’s fine.” We like they way she thinks!

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