Daily Resolutions: Smart, healthy upgrades that are super-easy to do

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This January 1, we decided to skip lofty, unattainable goals in favor of Daily Resolutions—a series of small, smart things you can do one day at time.

Since then, we’ve introduced one doable (and affordable) healthy habit each day, so you could spend your valuable time taking action rather than wrestling with overwhelming commitments.

These tips—from cleaning out a drawer to changing up your workout scenery—have been scattered all over Well+Good within stories that show you exactly how to make healthy improvements. (To help you out, all month long you can also enter to win an all-inclusive week at health and fitness spa Rancho La Puerta.)

In case you missed a few, we’re rounding them all up, here. Feel free to tack this one up on the fridge. And yes, you can still try them after January’s long gone.

1. Follow the lead of one of the fitness instructors in this story by packing a healthy lunch you’ve never made before one day next week (instead of hitting Chipotle again). Learn how.

2. Thinking about a career jump—or struggling with your job lately? Find a quiet moment and ask yourself, “What doesn’t feel like work?” Write down a few answers to reflect on. Get more advice.

3. Consider giving your favorite moisturizer a break and try a calming beauty product or practice like yoga that helps prevent skin-care woes and freakouts. Here’s why.

4. One day this week, skip the serious New Year gym crowds and take your workout to the playground for a fun, old school sweat session created by Without Walls. By using a swing and a slide as your fitness props, you’ll rediscover that feeling of playful boundlessness from childhood. Get moving.

5. All the clutter in your apartment—or house—is messing with your mind. Make it your goal to clear out a drawer (or two) and you’ll feel immediately energized. (When was the last time you looked at that high school yearbook collection anyway?) Get organized.

6. Give your daily workout a change of scenery by trying out a new gym for a day, taking a boutique fitness class you’ve never tried, or switching up your running route. Work out.

7. Choose one everyday item you can give a healthy, eco-friendly upgrade, whether it’s drinking out of a glass at your desk, packing your lunch in a Mason jar, or picking up a set of new food containers with BPA-free-lids for your fridge. Detox your home.

8. Skip the Curél and turn your kitchen into a beauty salon with a hydrating, rejuvenating dry skin remedy you make yourself using ingredients from your cupboard. Save your skin.

9. Substitute a vegan dish you’ve never tried before for one meaty (or dairy-filled) meal you’d normally make or order, like kale noodles or a Pumpkin Coconut Cream Soup. Get cooking.

10. In winter it’s all too easy to get home from work, curl up with Netflix, and call it a night. Instead, this week, break winter’s spell and call someone you keep meaning to connect with but you’re both usually “so busy.” Having a real phone catch-up can be a pick-me-up for you both. Give a ring.

11. Download one app to try this month that you think will help you commit to healthier habits in 2015. Upgrade your habits.

12. Searching for a way to spice up your afternoon snack? Trade your baby carrots for protein-infused spiced nuts one day this week. Snack better.

13. Whether you’re on the pill, have an IUD, or aren’t using either, start keeping track of your period. Experts say it’ll help you feel more in tune with your body. Chart it.

14. Throw out one beauty product in your cabinet that contains ingredients from the Dirty Dozen list and replace it with a natural option. Clean up.

15. Think about your passions and skills and sign up to volunteer in a setting where you can tap them, even if it’s just one day teaching kids about nutrition or walking dogs at the ASPCA. Give back.  

16. Take something you might already have, like lemons or avocados, and add it to something you’re eating or drinking today for an extra beauty-boost to your skin. Look great.

17. Skip your afternoon coffee one day this week to sip on an antioxidant-packed cup of green tea instead. Wake up. 

18. Notice how you react in stressful situations. It’s hard to be aware of it in the heat of the moment (rather than go into all-out stress-case mode), but, we promise it will help you handle the situation better—and with a little less tension—next time. Chill out.

19.  Commit to cross-training: If you’re a runner, book a yoga class once this month. If you’re a yogi, try logging a few miles in your sneakers or getting in some strength training. Mix it up.

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