How to tap into a sense of self-love even when you’re not feeling it

Self Love There are many types of love in the world—between humans, pets, even inanimate objects (oh, beloved Wunder Unders). But our favorite type of love is the one you have for yourself.

Because filling your life with that radiant glow that comes from being your own cheerleader, from believing in yourself? Yeah, way better than filling your closet with shoes.

Best of all, showing yourself self-love can happen anytime, anywhere. Releasing all your negative energy in a sweaty, self-loving workout feels better than awesome. So does rocking a job interview for that position that you’ve been lusting over since you graduated college. Same goes for sitting down to a meal that you can truly enjoy.

We’ve gathered amazing self-love advice we’ve gotten from experts, so that you can fill your life with positivity—from your office to your Instagram feed. —Willa Tellekson-Flash

Show yourself a little more love…

…At the office
Advocating for yourself is key. To be taken seriously, you have to take yourself seriously first. “Self-care positions you to be your most successful self,” insists the incredibly impressive co-founder and CEO of Levo, Caroline Ghosn.

…When the negative self-talk gets loud
Self-love guru Gabrielle Bernstein wants you to treat yourself to some major forgiveness. “In a quiet moment, go through the list of ways you attack yourself. Next to each attack write: I forgive this and I release this. Setting the intention to forgive yourself sets the practice in motion.”

…In your yoga class
Not all of your workouts need to leave you gasping for air and dripping sweat. It’s okay to slow down, breathe, and give yourself a break sometimes, too. “Not everything I need to know about myself has to come a great (or painful) cost or through an uber-rigorous yoga practice. Lightness works, too,” discovered our writer.

…When someone is making you feel small
Find a mantra to stay centered. “My favorite is ‘Today, you are perfect,’” says blogger Jordan Younger, who is all too familiar with taking heat for being herself.

…On social media
Those positive memes and mantras may just foster more love than you realize. (Not like you needed another reason to log-on to Pinterest.)

…In your spirituality
It doesn’t have to look like mom says it should. “When we’re in a challenging workout with the intention to grow physically and spiritually, then we can change the way we relate to challenges not just in the gym, but in all areas in life,” says IntenSati founder Patricia Moreno.

…To make your biggest goals a reality
Model Molly Sims says that if you feel sorry for yourself, you become your own biggest obstacle. “Figure out what thoughts and behaviors are holding you back. Just changing the way you dress or wear your makeup might make you feel temporarily elevated, but changing what’s going on inside of you actually helps you move forward.”

…When you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders
The way you move your body can have a major effect on your mind. Fitness phenomenon Taryn Toomey walks you through a heart-opener to help release all the bad stuff so it doesn’t fester and take root.

…In a culture that places so much importance on appearance
Anti-Diet Project founder Kelsey Miller knows a thing or two about dieting. She also knows a thing or two about how much more fulfilling life can be when you just do you. Eating mindfully took her from crash dieting to eating what made her happy. “After each of those quiet, conscious meals, I got a glimpse of something unfamiliar and inevitable: Mindfulness was sneaking off of the plate and into the rest of my life.”

…And make it last
Make self-love a priority by creating extra-special time for yourself every day, week, and month. We think #selfcaresunday is as important as (if not more than!) #tacotuesday.

Now it’s time to get fearless—here are 7 tips for living with confidence, inspired by one of the most courageous women in yoga history.

(Photo: Unsplash/Ariana Prestes)


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