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The coconut craze continues, with a new line from Yes To

(Photo: Yes To)
Yes To Coconut
(Photo: Yes To)

Healthy beauty gurus are gaga for coconut and its fatty-acid-rich oil, which has become a full-blown skin-care staple, both for DIY-types and in ever more brands.

Now, affordable natural skin-care company Yes To—known for its popular Carrots and Cucumber collections—is getting in on the action with a new coconut-centric line launching this month.

The company’s CEO, Joy Chen, says Yes To was inspired by how other countries (like the Philippines and Indonesia) have long tapped into the fruit’s awesome powers. “Although the coconut is a simple fruit, it has many benefits including hydration, and it can help reduce signs of premature aging,” she says. It also has benefits for your wallet, as the range tops out at about $10.

The Yes To Coconuts line is the most body-focused collection for the brand to date, with everything from cleansing facial wipes, lip balm, body wash, scrubs, a novel spray-on body lotion to hair-care products like shampoo, conditioner, and a Curl-Defining Smoother.

The line makes use of every inch of the coconut—from the oil, right down to the husk—and has a fresh, tropical scent that will keep you dreaming of palm trees and beach days year-round. —Lisa Elaine Held

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