The healthy side of Sundance

Paddleboard Yoga in the Homestead Crater. (Photo: Park City Yoga Adventures)
Park City Yoga Adventures
Paddleboard Yoga in the Homestead Crater. (Photo: Park City Yoga Adventures)

Sure, most of your time at Sundance will likely be spent sitting in a theater (or shopping your screenplay?). But that doesn’t mean you need to subsist on movie snacks and party cocktails or skip your regular morning sweat sessions while at the film festival.

If skiing’s just not going to happen this week, Park City, Utah, has lots of places for you to roll out your yoga mat—or grab a kale salad between screenings. And the festival itself has a few healthy offerings, too.

Here are are three great ways to stay on the wellness wagon while working the circuit at Sundance.

1. Pop-up fitness. SoulCycle won’t be hosting rides again this year (bummer), but in keeping with the current barre craze, Pure Barre is offering four free classes daily at 427 Main Street during opening weekend.

2. Yoga classes. For yogis looking for a sweaty, burn-inducing workout, Tadasana Yoga Studio offers heated Bikram-style and Power Vinyasa classes taught by passionate, talented instructors. For a more centering experience, head to yoga studio-sanctuary The Shop for Anusara or restorative sessions (although you unfortunately won’t get to take advantage of the Zen garden this time of year). And for a full-on yoga adventure, just thirty minutes from Main Street is the Homestead Crater, fed by a 10,000-year-old hot spring, where you can sign up for Paddleboard Yoga sessions in 90-degree water, with optional hiking or snowshoeing beforehand. (They welcome yogis of all levels, but be sure to schedule a session in advance.)

3. Healthy eats. Good news: You’ll won’t find a single chain restaurant on Main Street (not even a Starbucks!). Instead, lots of yummy, good-for-you options—for which you’ll absolutely need a reservation—include popular farm-to-table spot The Farm, located in the Canyons Resort, with seasonal ingredients used in dishes like Pickled Beets and Kale and Roast Stew of Winter Squashes, and casual spots like Atticus, where you can warm up with a selection of more than 70 loose leaf teas. —Lisa Elaine Held, with reporting by Ana-Sophia Guerreiro

Know of a great healthy spot in Park City or an awesome healthy offering at the Festival? Add it to the Comments, below!

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