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Revive Primary Care wants to offer a matchmaking service for holistic health care.


Physicians who practice integrative or functional medicine can be nearly impossible to find. And unlike potential mates, you can’t just pick one up at a cocktail party. Revive Primary Care, which officially launched on October 28, wants to change that, by offering a matchmaking service for individuals seeking out holistic healthcare. (Only there will no dinners or dates.)

Rather than just presenting a directory of physicians for people to choose from, founder James Maskell says Revive is trying to empower people to take an active role in their own health, by requiring members to learn about key health issues before heading to their appointments. “We introduce people to the concept of being in a partnership with your doctor,” he says.

Here’s how the new concept works: Members pay $50 to sign up and then start a week-long patient prep program that involves filling out a questionnaire about your own health and watching a series of videos on four causes of chronic disease.

Then, when you’ve completed your pre-reqs, a Revive staffer (or Maskell himself) will personally call you and recommend physicians based on your answers to the questions and your location.

Revive’s end goal is to create an automated system that will deliver your doctor matches electronically. They’ll also need to bank on the fact that more young physicians will choose a holistic path in the future, or finding practitioners for a mass of eager patients will be inevitably tricky. —Lisa Elaine Held

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