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When you’re traveling for business, your wellness routine doesn’t exactly travel with you. A pre-meeting green smoothie in the hotel café? Dream on.

Okay now stop dreaming. Why? Because EVEN® Hotels is seriously obsessed with your health, and has a brand-new, amenities-packed outpost to prove it.

The groundbreaking hotel line already includes Zen-like destinations in New York City and DC, but sometimes business calls somewhere a bit farther afield—somewhere like Omaha, NE, which happens to be the newest city to get the EVEN® Hotels treatment.

Situated in downtown Omaha (a major hub for business travelers, with the CenturyLink Convention Center nearby), it’s your new go-to for work trips.

Feel out of whack if you don’t get in your morning workout? The fully equipped athletic studio has your back. Or, if you prefer, you can get your heart rate up in your own dedicated in-room training zone (complete with exercise balls, resistance bands, and streaming fitness videos). Seriously: personal workout space in. your. room.

Photo: EVEN® Hotels
Photo: EVEN® Hotels

Keep your nutrition on point with kale salads and—when you’re really hangry—all-natural burgers. A full smoothie and juice bar are on tap (with protein- and immunity-boosting options), and you can also snag gluten-free and vegetarian fuel, too. And oh yeah—organic cocktails, for those times you need to blow off steam after a marathon work day.

Speaking of work, you’ve also got specially designed spaces to plug in throughout the hotel, plus a stand-up desk in your room so you can perfect that PowerPoint you have to present (and then crash into your natural eucalyptus-fiber bedding). Not a bad day at the office!

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Top Photo: EVEN® Hotels