The Refinery Hotel is New York City’s January wellness hotspot

A Cyc session at The Refinery Hotel in November. (Photo: Wellthily)
The Refinery Hotel wellness
A Cyc session at The Refinery Hotel in November. (Photo: Wellthily)

The Refinery Hotel is known for its luxe, boutique accommodations in the Fashion District of Manhattan. But 2015 may also be the year it becomes known as a wellness destination.

After successfully hosting its “Wellth Series” in November, in conjunction with healthy consulting firm Wellthily, it’s kicking off a second round called New Year. Refined You—and the schedule is filled with classes and events with the city’s top fitness instructors and wellness stars.

“We strive to create the best experience for our guests by anticipating their needs, and we wanted to enable our guests to easily maintain healthy lifestyles while enjoying the luxuries of travel,” says general manager Randy Taormina, about the inspiration behind the partnership. “We’re excited to continue this partnering with Wellthily, allowing NYC residents and our guests to be happy, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and try something new.”

The events take place in the hotel’s Hatbox event space between now through January 31 and include sweat sessions with Barry’s Bootcamp’s Natalie Raitano and Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp founder Ariane Hundt, yoga and running with Robin Arzon, and rooftop rides with Cyc Fitness. There’s also a weekend detox retreat with Yoga for Bad People and Juice Press, and an evening meditation event with Deepak Chopra on January 15.

Oh, and the healthy amenities have found their way into guest rooms, too. “The hotel’s Wellth Package offers guests their hotel room along with a Wellthily Healthy travel kit—it includes eye masks, aromatherapy oils, healthy snacks, wellness teas, lip balms, and other goodies,” explains Wellthily co-founder Suzie Baleson, “plus a daily juice, and access to any fitness and wellness offerings at the hotel that day.”

Maybe if you book a room and just hole up there for the entire month, those resolutions will really stick this year? —Lisa Elaine Held

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