The Tapping Solution: A new-agey spiritual technique enters the spotlight

A new film is drawing new attention to Tapping. It's a new-age technique that promises to banish negative emotions and is getting kudos from wellness celebs.


You may have watched the hilarious “Sh*t New Age Girls Say” video, in which the title new-age girl taps her fingers to her forehead and cheeks while promising to love herself even though she ate a piece of cheese. Ha!

The segment is poking fun at Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a technique that promises to banish negative emotions and heal pain by stimulating the body’s meridians and energy flow through light finger tapping and positive affirmations.

It looks (and sounds)….well…wacky.

But thanks to a new film, The Tapping Solution (which follows 10 people who are introduced to tapping to deal with emotional trauma in their lives), it’s getting new attention in the wellness world. Tara Stiles’ down-to-earth Strala Yoga hosted a screening of the film just this past weekend.

“The vast majority of people said they heard of tapping from a friend or family member and they were curious to learn more,” says associate producer Jessica Ortner. “That’s been happening a lot lately. Someone tells me three different people they know mentioned it, and they are dying to learn what it’s all about.”

Recently, wellness celebs like Kris Carr and Deepak Chopra have both touted EFT’s benefits.

So will The Tapping Solution become as popular as its new-agey predecessor The Secret? The two films do feature lots of the same people, so hey, you never know.

Have you ever tried tapping? (Or would you?) Tell us about it in the Comments, below!

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