5 reasons Gigi Hadid is totally okay with not being perfect

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Photo: Instagram/@gigihadid

On the outside, Gigi Hadid may seem like she has the perfect life—a rockstar boyfriend, famous friends, and a booming modeling career. But just like any 21-year-old—or any woman for that matter—her life is filled with insecurities and doubts.

As the most recent addition to the Reebok family, Hadid is helping front the brand’s campaign “Perfect Never,” a partnership that’s all about shattering the illusions of perfection by using fitness as the ultimate confidence-booster.

Today, Hadid sat down with fellow badass females—like Lena Dunham, Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman, Zoe Kravitz, and Ruby Rose—at the Reebok Perfect Never panel to discuss how she fights to be the best version of herself.

Between boxing to get out her anxiety and taking regular digital detoxes, the star prioritizes healthy habits to remind her of what really matters in life.

Scroll down for five reasons that Hadid is okay with not being perfect.

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Photo: Instagram/@gigihadid

1. She has super support

You may have heard of a little famous girl squad that Hadid is a part of—along with A-listers Taylor Swift and Blake Lively. In fact, she and her friends have big group chat—with 17 girls—who all text each other when they’re feeling stressed, freaked out, or down on themselves. “Those people who love you know that you’re a good person and are always the best at lifting you up,” she explains. “My friends and family are the people who I look to in times of doubt because they remind me who I am and who I’m trying to be.”

Photo: Instagram/@gigihadid
Photo: Instagram/@gigihadid

2. She pays attention to the people who matter

And those same people are the ones who help her ignore the haters. Her stepdad used to say, “If you believe the good, you’ll believe the bad,” so she’s careful about who gets her ear. “The people who know me, know what I’ve put into my work and how much I’ve prepared for certain jobs, so I know I can listen to them to tell me the truth,” she says. That way she can take positive feedback and constructive criticism from the good people her in life and ignore the haters completely (sorry, internet trolls).

Photo: Instagram/@gigihadid
Photo: Instagram/@gigihadid

3. She focuses on effort, not results…

Once she knows her family and friends have her back, she’s able to trust in her own hard work and dedication. “It can be hard to feel like you’re fully understood—especially when you’re in the spotlight—because while there’s a million people out there who are telling me to speak out more and use my platform, there’s a million people who are telling me to just be a model and stop trying to do other things,” she explains. With so many voices telling her what to do, Hadid has learned just to trust herself and her ability to get her job done. “If, at the end of the day, I know that I tried my best and put all my energy into a project, then I’m happy with it—I’m never going to make everyone happy, so I just try to focus on making myself happy with my work.”



Photo: Instagram/@gigihadid
Photo: Instagram/@gigihadid

4. …because kindness rules all

As the recently crowned International Model of the Year, Hadid credited the major accomplishment to her hard work and manners. “There are hundreds of girls I could pick out who are prettier and better than me, but I truly think my attitude and gratitude towards my work and everyone I work with is the reason for my success,” she explains. She went on to explain that no matter what mood she’s in or what’s going on in her personal life, she takes on her modeling gigs like a pro, thanking everyone along the way and keeping things fun and happy for everyone involved.

Photo: Instagram/@gigihadid
Photo: Instagram/@gigihadid

5. She knows when to shut things down

Hadid often finds that her voice gets shaky before interviews, not because nerves, but because of anxiety: “My throat chakra literally starts to close up because I’ve been taking in too much negative energy around me,” she explains. Her solution? A social media detox. (Although she does admit that while she’s on hiatus, her mom takes over any professional social media duties.) “You start to realize that you just pick up your phone, just to pick it up, so it reminds me to stay more mindful in the situation and in life,” she says.

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