You’ll never guess the healthiest airport in America

This kale salad is served in an airport. It’s from Plant Café at SFO. (Photo: Plant Café)

For many of us, airport visits consist of chugging your green juice before going through security and scrambling to find a pack of almonds for your carry-on bag. But that’s all changing.

Now, as airports see that the demand for healthful options is at an all-time high, it’s getting easier to find items you’d actually want to eat (like kale!) at many across the country. And the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine just released a list of the healthiest airports in the country.

“Americans are busy and airports are rising to this demand [for healthy options]: They are making it easy to fit in a workout, access healthful food, and turn delays into a productive, positive experience,” says the director of nutrition education for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Susan Levin, RD.

So what are the healthiest airports? (And do we have a connecting flight there?)

They might surprise you: First place goes to the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, followed by the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and Los Angeles International Airport.

The committee evaluates airports by looking for things like food options with vegetables, ancient grains, beans, and fresh fruit. To place at the top, Baltimore, Sea-Tac, and LAX have healthy spots like Pax Bar & Eatery (vegan veggie burgers), Lemonade (think Voodoo Indian lentils and Sesame Roasted Carrots), and Seattle Seahawks 12 Club (which sounds like a sport bar, but actually has steel-cut oatmeal and veggie-filled salads) going for them.

And the Physicians Committee is seeing a lot more vegan options. “We’re noticing a huge increase in plant-based options since we started the report in 2001,” Levin says, adding that about 75 percent of all eateries in their research offer at least one plant-based option.

In addition to the ranking, the Physicians Committee site also has a super helpful guide. You can search for the airport you’ll be visiting, and check out the healthiest bites in your terminal.

So maybe on your upcoming holiday travel day, you won’t be having a nutrition bar for dinner. —Molly Gallagher

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