Your medical claims get their own MD

Like a great tax accountant, a savvy new business wants to help file your medical claims, so you get back what you’re owed.

buried under paperworkMedical claims can be a viral contagion, threatening to overtake our desks and peace of mind. Even super-organized Virgos struggle to keep track of reimbursements and claim forms—and what exactly we have coverage for. (How many physical therapy appointments do I get again??)

Enter Off Your Desk, a why-didn’t-I-think-of-that service staffed by former medical claims deniers—in other words, they know all the tricks that insurance companies use—that want deal with all your medical paperwork.

You send them your stack of receipts and claims (regardless of what state they’re in). They do all the legwork, from getting your reimbursements to finessing your Flex Spending, so you can use those acupuncture and massage therapy receipts to best advantage.

“Most New Yorkers are only partially on top of their paperwork,” says Off Your Desk CEO Amy Keohane. “But then they’re hiding the kids’ orthodontic bills, or they haven’t dealt with their mental health bills, maybe because it’s less obvious what’s covered and they can’t find the time to call their provider. But medical bills are actually a huge stressor in many marriages.” (And FYI: marriage counseling isn’t typically covered.)

Yes, you could file your medical claims yourself, but you could also do your taxes yourself. And process this: last year the American Medical Association found that 20 percent of correctly filed claims were denied by insurance companies. So if you’re lucky enough to have medical coverage, it kind of makes sense to hire experts, who won’t let themselves be worn down by the passive-aggressive tactics of insurance companies. —Alexia Brue

Off Your Desk plans include a $65-per-month plan to a one-time dig-you-out plan for $295,

Special offer for Well+Good readers: Enroll within 5 days (by 3/15), and receive your first two months of service for FREE. To take advantage of this offer, e-mail

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