Good American’s ‘Always Fits’ Jeans Claim To Fit Everyone—Here Are 5 Editors’ (Very) Honest Thoughts

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Real talk: Shuffling into something structured and denim feels masochistic when I could be wearing yoga pants. These days, jeans are polarizing—and for some, they're obsolete. I, for one, have been slowly paring down my jeans pile, and giving up on any styles that don't fit as comfortably as possible (no more sucking in my stomach and doing the "putting on my jeans dance" for me, thanks)—which is why I added the Good American Always Fits jeans to the top of my "to try" list.

The style launched back in October 2020, and the brand (the brainchild of Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede) promises a "one-size-fits-five" fit with every pair. No matter how many sizes you go up or go down, the Always Fits jeans will always, well, fit.

They come in five (so really, 25) sizes: 00-4, 6-12, 14-18, 20-26, and 28-32. They cost roughly between $139 and $155, depending on the style and wash. They're structured enough to look like a pant, but stretchy enough to allow for a little extra give where you need it. Though they're made from mainly cotton and elastin, jeggings these are not—they're truly jean-jeans, just ones that allegedly don't make you feel like you're having an existential crisis when you decide to wear them.

To fairly asses whether or not the Always Fit Jeans are really the IRL version of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, I asked four other W+G editors to try a style of their choosing and give their very honest opinion. Keep scrolling for what they had to say.

The test

Patia Braithwaite, Health Director

Style of jeans tested: Good Classic Boot (vintage black wash), $155


"I was skeptical about these Always Fits jeans. But as someone who regularly fluctuates between sizes, I was also intrigued by a pant that adjusts to my body. I received the Always Fits in a bootcut, and they are super flattering. I worried that they’d be too loose, but they fit like a glove—it’s like the jeans are made for me. The leg is slender at the thigh and wide at the knee which makes it really perfect with a heel or sneaker.

Overall the jeans are flattering and durable—they stretch, but still seem modern/stylish. There was a small hole in one of the pockets, but I would definitely recommend this pant, all things considered."

Buy here.

Betty Gold, Senior Food Editor

Style of jeans tested: Good Waist (vintage black wash), $155


"If I tried to paint a picture of what hell looks like, I would probably conjure up an image of myself in a department store dressing room trying on pair after pair of jeans made from that super thick, rigid type of denim, none of which fit—you get the gist. This pair of jeans is the exact opposite. They're fitted, stretchy without giving 'jeggings' vibes, and (I cannot believe I am uttering these words) just as comfortable as the leggings I typically prefer to live in."

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Natalie Arroyo Camacho, Lifestyle Writer

Style of jeans tested: Good Classic Boot (dark blue wash), $155


"Considering that Khloe Kardashian, one of the founders of this clothing company, is 5-foot-10-inches, I probably shouldn’t have been too surprised when my jeans were a good four inches too long for my 5-foot frame. I was super excited to finally own my first pair of non-skinny jeans, which is why I got the Always Fits Good Classic Boot in denim, but as soon as I took the denim out of its packaging, it was evident that these jeans would be way too long for me.

I do love to be right, but this one kind of hurt. I figured I might be able to adjust for the length by wearing some sort of heel, but because there’s such a big difference, no heel will give me the height I need for these jeans to fit me length-wise (at least no heels I’d be comfortable wearing). I ordered size 6-12 (since I’m typically a size 10), and, as I opened my pair, I remember thinking, This is for a 12? No way. I’m glad I tried them on, though, because the 4 percent elastane this pair contains helps the jeans stretch out a lot. That said, they’re still a little tight on my waist, which accentuates my gorgeous love-handles a little more than I’m comfortable showing on a day-to-day basis."

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Kara Brown, Beauty Writer

Style of jeans tested: Good Classic Boot, $155


"Depending on the brand, I’m between a size 8 and 10 in bottoms, so I hoped the size 6-12 would be perfect. The jeans fit like really nice jeggings, wildly stretchy but didn’t look as fake as jeggings typically do. Plus, I loved the wide leg. While the jeans did fit, they did not fit comfortably. Whether I was standing or seated, the jeans dug into me and left really intense marks on my stomach after wearing them for about four hours. And because they were so tight, my stomach poured over the top of the jeans, which was not comfortable or flattering.


I love the concept of jeans that always fit, but 'able to zip' and 'actually fit' are two very different things. Just because I can fit into these jeans, doesn’t mean they’re my size."

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Gina Vaynshteyn, Senior Commerce Editor

Style of jeans tested: Good Waist (vintage black wash), $155


"Out of the two jeans I tried (Good Waist—one vintage black, the other a blue wash), these were my favorite. I oscillate between size 6 and 7, depending on the brand (or day), and am pretty curvy with smaller calves and ankles, so it's generally tough finding a pair of jeans that hug all the right places without being loose in others. I gave these a shot, selecting the size 6-12. The Good Waist has a high waist, and these, in particular, have cool, uneven hems (it's hard to see them in the photo above, but trust me, they're awesome). I also really love the vintage black wash, which is different from anything else I own yet goes with everything.

After testing them for a month, I feel good about saying that the Always Fit fit really, really works for me. Not really sure about what happens if or when I go up a few sizes, but I can say they didn't shrink after I threw them in the washer and dryer. Thanks to the cotton-elastane material, these feel like jeggings (soft, pliable, stretchy), but look a lot more structured. Plus, they're more sturdy—they haven't ripped after being subjected to my dogs jumping on me about 1,000 times a day, which is impressive.

Plus? They make my butt look GOOD. Like, really, really good. Aside from making me feel fly as hell, they go well with sandals, sneakers, flats, as well as high heels (I've dressed these up a couple times)."

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Style of jeans tested: Good Waist (medium blue wash), $149


"I also tried the Good Waist in a medium blue wash, and was again impressed by how great they made my butt look. Made of the same cotton-elastane blend, these also stretch like jeggings, but look and feel more durable than your standard pair. I will say, for some reason these jeans in particular felt tighter around my tummy (echoing what a couple of other editors have said about the fit). For me, this isn't really abnormal, per se (skinny jeans tend to squeeze), but I thought maybe the Always Fits design would remedy that.

With that said, if I'm looking for a looser jean, I'll probably just opt for a pair of mom jeans I own that offer a bit more roominess. If I'm looking for a jean that accentuates my booty, hips, and calves (a "going out jean" perhaps)? I'll be reaching for this pair."

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The takeaway

So they "always fit"? Pretty much. But what we collectively learned was that, unfortunately, they're not the perfect fit for every body type in this review. While several editors absolutely loved their jeans and praised the comfort they offered, along with how flattering they felt wearing them (myself included). Other editors noted that the jeans were a bit too snug for comfort (and if you're a petite size, you may run into problems with length).

Jeans are so, so personal. The concept of a one-size-fits-all, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants jeans might be impossible to pull off when there are so many boxes to check off. Are the jeans comfortable? Long enough? Short enough? Soft enough? Stretchy enough? Do they make you feel good? The idea of a pair of jeans making every single person happy just may not ever happen. With that said, the Always Fits definitely strives to check off at least most of those boxes—and Good American does have a great return policy, so you might as well try 'em.




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