Good American Just Launched a Size-Inclusive Shoe Line, Because the Average Woman’s Shoe Size Is a 9

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Among the things I inherited from my dad are a hatred for people who talk during movies and sturdy, muscular calves. I used to be incredibly self-conscious about them, especially when I was a teen. I actually caused myself physical pain by squeezing my calves into boots that were way too tight—because how can you be Serena van der Woodsen without tall boots?! I have pretty much avoided tall boots for years, even though thigh high boots are my absolute favorite, because it was so rare to find a pair with an extended calf that I actually like. (Also there was an incident involving a stuck knee-high boot and about 10 minutes of me saying "just pull it harder" while a very hot man was on my floor, braced against the couch I was sitting on, valiantly trying to tug the boot off I had squeezed myself into for fashion earlier that night.) The shoe industry needs to be more inclusive, and that's what Good American does with its new collection of shoes.

The average woman's shoe size has increased from 7.5/8 to 9, and 30 percent of women wear a shoe size larger than a 10.5—yet options are still limited in extended sizing and widths. Good American's first-ever shoe line, which launches today, December 3. The size-inclusive collection comes in sizes 4-14, with extended widths available for feet, calves (*praise hands emoji*), and thighs. The collection of Good American shoes has been in development since 2018, and in that time they've been tested on women of all shapes and sizes. The shoes are made with a comfy sole (their proprietary Cloud Sole) and ergonomically designed heels. Shop our favorite Good American shoes below. (I'm buying all the tall boots.)

1. Good American The Overtime Boot, $345

Good American Overtime Boot
Photo: Good American

I have two aesthetics this fall/winter: "despondent on the couch in sweats that haven't been washed in who knows how long" and "Lady Gaga meets Pretty Woman meets cottagecore". These thigh highs are a great staple to have for the latter.

Shop Now: Good American The Overtime Boot, $345

2. Good American The Koko Boot, $375

Good American Boots
Photo: Good American

I don't want my boots to simply graze the top of my kneecap, I want them halfway up my thighs and looking like they could've come straight out of a Cyndi Lauper music video. Apparently manifestation works, because here they are.

Shop Now: Good American The Koko Boot, $375

3. Good American Icon Pump 75, $169

Good American Pumps
Photo: Good American

Three clicks of your heels in these and you'll be whisked away to... nowhere, because apparently while things like murder hornets and a human baby named x æ a-12 exist in this timeline, magic does not.

Shop Now: Good American Icon Pump 75, $169

4. Good American Icon Bootie 110, $239

Good American Icon Bootie
Photo: Good American

These were the kind of shoes I would throw on in the before times for an impromptu Thursday night happy hour with my BFF where we would say nonsense like "we're only going to have two glasses of wine" and "I'm not flirting with any bartenders tonight."

Shop Now: Good American Icon Bootie 110, $239

5. Good American On Point Sandal, $169

Good American Shoes Sandals
Photo: Good American

The only use I really have for heels right now is for a much-needed height boost when I finally attempt to change my own lightbulbs. Luckily, impracticality has never stopped me from buying a pretty shoe.

Shop Now: Good American On Point Sandal, $169 

6. Good American Statement Flat, $139

Good American Flats
Photo: Good American

During that period of time where seemingly every article was about how to dress like a French girl, I was so inundated with phrases like "effortless basics," "statement piece," and "swap your sneakers for ballet flats" that I did a 180 away from all those items. I guess I've recovered, because I'm very on board with these minimalist flats (in a statement color)—I could probably even be convinced to wear them instead of my sneakers every so often.

Shop Now: Good American Statement Flat, $139

7. Good American The Emma Boot, $345

Good American Over the Knee Boots
Photo: Good American

I just cried a little thinking about all the holiday parties I could've worn these to if there weren't a pandemic. They also come in black if you want a more understated look. (Well, as understated as thigh high boots can be.)

Shop Now: Good American The Emma Boot, $345

8. Good American Standout Square Toe Mule, $139

Good American Mules
Photo: Good American

This looks like a shoe Lorelai Gilmore would wear with some sort of whimsical dress on one of her good outfit days. Also shoutout to all the people who just realized they are now almost the same age as Lorelai was when Gilmore Girls first aired. (It's me, I'm people.)

Shop Now: Good American Standout Square Toe Mule, $139

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